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Why Rhima Has The Best Universal Washers on the Market

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Over the last few decades, the food service industry has evolved. The days of beautiful tiny restaurants with limited seating capacity are long gone. Today’s dining experience is fast-paced, and restaurants must accommodate more customers than normal, necessitating universal washer purchases. You can’t count on an employee to wash all of your pots, utensils, pans, cups, and plates at once, whether you run a café, a fast-food franchise, or a fine dining establishment.

Rather than paying an individual to wash dishes, many restaurants and hotel chains worldwide choose to invest in a commercial dishwasher. Some restaurants refuse to invest in a commercial dishwasher, while others are into it because of its numerous benefits.

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RR 108 with blower module
Rhima VH50 pass through washer

How Rhima Can Help With The Best Universal Washers In The Market

Our stringent standards have been developed to continually provide our clients and other organizations with the best results. Rhima’s services and operations are now available throughout the country. We have complete backup assistance provided by a network of qualified service agents at our state service centres.

The sales support package includes commissioning, warranty, training, consultation, HACCP and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supplies.

We can help your company by offering the following services:

  • Continuity and reliability. They are local, know the market, and are specialists.
  • Close, yet independent, contact/relationship with Europe, allowing for quick response in emergencies
  • Specialists in one field – washing
  • Local, factory-trained, and independent support
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Why Should You Invest In Rhima's Universal Washer: The Benefits

Because we prioritise customer happiness, we also undertake frequent safety, hygiene, and temperature checks to guarantee that your equipment performs as expected and meets the needed criteria. Here are some compelling reasons why you should invest in a commercial dishwasher for your commercial kitchen:

Sanitisation: When we wash dishes in the sink, the water is frequently lukewarm or chilly. In addition to leaving water streaks and some grease behind, there isn’t enough heat to destroy bacteria on the surface. We can attain the proper temperature for sanitization using the dishwasher’s built-in heater.

Less Time: Hand cleaning might take a long time, especially if you have recently eaten oily or hardening cuisine. Separate compartments in commercial dishwashers allow you to arrange your containers, buckets, utensils, pots, and other items inside. This saves time by allowing you to do everything in one cycle.

Eco-friendly: If you are concerned about the cost of a dishwasher, don’t be. According to studies, a dishwasher uses less water than hand cleaning. This is because dishwashers are meant to consume as little electricity and water as possible; models are thoroughly tested before being released on the market to guarantee that they meet these requirements.

We believe in fostering a healthy environment, so one of our most essential values is guaranteeing that our methods and solutions will keep labour and energy expenditures to a minimum. As a result, we consider compliance with any other relevant legislation’s health and hygiene standards to be a basic mission.

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Rhima VH50 pass through washer inside hood

Considerations Before You Buy a Universal Dishwasher

Rhima places high importance on client happiness, so we take the time to listen to them and understand their demands; as a result, we tailor our equipment and systems to meet your goals and objectives.

Here are some important considerations why a universal dishwasher is important for your business:

Considerations for Energy Conservation

Compared to non-qualified dishwasher models, a dishwasher that proudly displays the Energy Star symbol or is recognized by the Consortium of Energy Efficiency can save you energy dollars. Today’s dishwashers have become much more efficient to operate.

The Efficiency of a Commercial Dishwasher

A commercial dishwasher is more efficient than a manual dishwasher when it comes to dishwashing since it can wash big amounts of dishware in a short amount of time. It not only saves time and effort for your personnel, but it also allows them to concentrate on other activities in the kitchen. You and your team won’t have to worry about putting together a dishwashing schedule regularly.

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RP-2 pot and utensil washer

The RP-2 pot and utensil washer (formerly known as the LP-2 pot and utensil washer) can also be customized to meet various industrial washing needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the sales and design teams to learn more.


When the machine door is closed, the moist air is pulled right out of the machine and used to pre-heat the cold water provided to roughly 50°C. As a result, the amount of energy needed to reach the final rinse temperature (about 85°C) is significantly lowered. You can save 3.5 kw/h with the RP2.

The RP-2 pot and utensil washer also helps improve the space’s air quality and climate. The heat recovery unit reduces the exhaust air temperature by more than half, lowering the overall humidity volume by around half. Without a heat recovery device, the RP2 costs 10% more. This improves the operators’ comfort over time.

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Service & Support: Warranty Extension

The standard warranty is one year; however, if a five-year maintenance agreement is signed at the time of purchase, Rhima can provide a five-year extended warranty on our items.

This agreement would include the following:

  • A minimum of two (2) Preventative Maintenance / HACCP services per year are required.
  • There are no fees for call-outs or labour to repair problems.
  • There is no price for spare components used to repair breakdowns.

Failures due to intentional or accidental damage, user mistake, services outside of specification, such as power surges, low or high-pressure water supply, acts of God, and so on, are not covered by the warranty.

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RR conveyor washer panel
  • How Long Do Dishwashers Last?

    A dishwasher has an average lifespan of ten years. Most dishwashers endure between 8 and 15 years before breaking down completely. If you follow a good maintenance routine and utilize it carefully, your dishwasher’s chances of reaching the sixteenth year surge.

  • How do I make sure my dishwasher will fit?

    Measuring for a dishwasher is quick and easy, and it may save you a lot of time and aggravation once you’ve chosen one. Before you bring it home, double-check that it fits, and you’ll be joyfully cleaning dishes in no time. By measuring the depth of your dishwasher from the back wall to the front of your cabinets, you can figure out how deep it will fit.