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Rhima has a strong reputation for total project management of installations of every size, from small catering requirements to complex laboratory and industrial cleaning and disinfecting systems.

2021 Australian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards

Rhima and Schulz organic were awarded Bronze Winner of Sustainable Packaging Design of the Year- Reuse

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Schulz Organic Dairy works hard to make real dairy products that are simple, pure and delicious, processing in small batches with great care and detail at their farmhouse factory in Timboon. They add nothing but natural ingredients to their products. The range includes milk, yogurt, cream and quark made from their very own dairy milk, renowned for its rich, creamy texture. Schulz (& Contain Design Studio) designed a glass bottle to provide milk in returnable glass to retailers. These glass milk bottles reduce plastic waste.
The change is coming, Australian’s have moved to reusable bags for shopping.
The next major shift will be washing and reusing, which is what Schulz has accomplished. Quite a few companies supply glass bottles, but how many of them actually collect them to wash and reuse? Not many.
Schulz reached out to Rhima Australia in order to produce a bottle washer that could wash the new design bottles. This was a critical component in order to keep supply up with demand. This bottle washer was designed and built in Australia by the Rhima team. This washer improves hygiene and cleanliness as well as improved efficiency. If the glass milk bottles are not cleaned and sanitised properly or at all and milk residue remains, this creates a food safety hazard for Schulz and the dirty bottles have to be thrown out due to their contamination risk.
Industrial bottle washers exist but most are geared up for very large production runs in fully automated environments. Smaller bottle washer/sanitisers are available also, but they are mainly aimed at the laboratory market with low capacities and long cycle times.

2021 Australian Packaging Innovation & Design Awards

Rhima and Schulz Organic were awarded High Commendation Beverage Packaging Design of the Year

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The brief was to design and build a washer/sanitiser that would wash and sanitise to a HACCP program acceptable level, ease of use, a suitable and viable capacity while at the same time minimising energy and water consumption. The machine had to be commercially viable for use in different similar re-useable environments. The bottle washer has been designed with an injector wash arm that allows each bottle to have its own spray nozzle. The Rhima design team started with one of their standard industrial washers and modified both the wash and rinse system as well as the programming and racking to achieve a design that met the required criteria. In particular the special racking design, injection system, control system, and component selection required a lot of R&D. This is to ensure that the bottles are 100% clean while using minimal water and energy. The washer allows the reusable glass bottles to be available on the market. Without the ability to wash and reuse them hygienically this sustainable venture wouldn’t be possible. The packaging and reusable bottles have played a role in the new process, however without the efficient HACCP compliant washing system they would barely exist. And the savings wouldn’t be possible – Each glass bottle sold will save approximately 40g of plastic, or 120 kg per week across 3,000 bottles. The partnership between Schulz and Rhima has lead to avoiding packaging waste.

2021 Australian Small Business Champion Finalist

Rhima Australia were awarded 2021 Australian Small Business Champion Finalist

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The Australian Small Business Champion Awards offers a unique opportunity to highlight Australia’s most outstanding small businesses, the awards seek to recognise the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy. Michael Vandertop, owner of Rhima Group, deserves to be recognised for the achievement of such a successful business. Since the beginning in 1990 Rhima have been importing and customising equipment washing systems. What sets Rhima apart is that we can truly wash anything for our customers. If a customer comes to us with a unique washing challenge, we will find a customised solution. The team has the product knowledge, the investment in research and development (R&D) and expertise to customise products as needed. Over the years, Rhima has expanded to operate out of New Zealand and Singapore. Washing and reusing items has an enormous role to play in reducing waste and delivering more sustainable outcomes. This is the single biggest opportunity in the sustainability space currently. Other initiatives such as recycling have been hampered by problems, with many recyclable items ending up in landfill. By enabling items to be cleaned according to standards and reused, this reduces the burden on recycling systems and reduces the amount in landfill. Rhima is at the forefront of this agenda. Our mantra is Rethink, Reuse, Rhima.

2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award

Rhima’s Twin Star Washing System was awarded finalist in the 2018 Design Innovation of the Year Award for food category – Machinery/Equipment

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Rhima Twin Star Finalist Award

video showing the rhima twin star dishwasher and benefits