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Dishwashers For Fresh Produce: Keeping Food Healthy And Safe

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During the growth season, insects, toxic substances in the soil or water, and inadequate worker sanitation can cause food poisoning. After being picked, fruits and vegetables pass through multiple hands, increasing the risk of infection. Contamination can occur after the product is purchased, during preparation, or due to inadequate food storage.

Many businesses are working around the clock to prepare for the COVID-19 pandemic, and we understand that the safety and protection of your staff and customers is a key responsibility, just like it is for us. Using correct cleaning practices for your material handling systems is one approach to help keep everyone safe. This article will go over some tips for sanitizing plastic pallets and crates we use for fresh produce.

Our fear of the virus that may develop in our food made us quite ignore that some cleaning chemicals may contaminate our dishes and cause food poisoning and other health concerns. Because of this, the need for an industrial washer rose along with the increasing fear of the pandemic.

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RR 188 conveyor washer with blowers

Why Do You Need a Dishwasher for Fresh Produce?

Cleaning crates and pallets for fresh fruits and vegetables is a healthy habit to develop to avoid cross contaminants and bacteria.

Cleaning a plastic pallet or crate is far less difficult than cleaning a pallet made of wood or other porous materials. Passing the pallet through an automated pallet washer with detergent and hot water is the easiest and most cost effective solution.

After washing, the washer will dry the pallet or crate if required. With pallet or crate washers, fresh fruits and vegetables can be easier and safer. As long as the pallet or crate is regularly cleaned at maintained, food contamination is the least of your worries!

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Rhima Dishwashers is the Best Solution and Here's Why

It’s critical to sanitize plastic pallets and crates for fresh produce effectively and frequently because so many individuals come into contact with them. In its guidelines and best practices for the safe use of returnable containers in food supply Chains, the RPA outlines science-based processes for adequately cleaning plastic material handling solutions between uses. Among these measures are washing, rinsing, sanitizing, and air-drying all food contact containers between uses.

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Perks of Having a Rhima Dishwasher: Maintenance and Service Support

Preventative maintenance and HACCP tests are also performed on all Rhima dishwashing machines by Rhima staff and technicians who have received appropriate training. They assist you in managing and maintaining your dishwashers to operate at optimum performance, and you don’t have to worry about a costly machine failure. Some of the benefits of choosing us for your maintenance requirements are as follows:

  • Water, electricity, and overall maintenance costs are cut.
  • Less soap or detergent is used.
  • Preventive maintenance enhances the life of the equipment.
  • You will be covered for major unexpected repairs.
  • It facilitates troubleshooting and the elimination of wasteful spending.
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  • Why should you Sanitize Plastic Pallets and Crates?

    A clean surface is not always a spotless one. To kill any hazardous bacteria or viruses that may still be present, such as COVID-19, you’ll need to sanitize or disinfect plastic material handling solutions. Sanitation is using chemicals to clean and disinfect all surfaces of the plastic.