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Credibility is everything in the therapeutic goods industry, and that’s why it’s vital to ensure that your production is operating to the highest standards – that’s where we come in. Our wide range of equipment meets the brief every time – for speed, ease of use, economy and maintainability.

With Rhima’s machines, you can rest assured that IBC washing, container washing and all other washing and disinfection needs are taken care of. For specialised needs, we can create custom-built machines for mould washing according to GMP standards & ATEX standards. We also have a range of washer disinfectors for medical implants as well, so whatever the needs of your operation we can put together the perfect solution for you.

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What are the benefits of having a Rhima dishwasher in a therapeutic lab?

The customisation options available with Rhima’s range mean that no matter what your specific needs are we can give you an end-to-end solution. We’ve already taken your key concerns into consideration – from ease of use, to repairability, to water efficiency – our machines are optimised on every level, allowing you to reap the benefits of our extensive experience.

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Deko D32 washer disinfector dryer closed

Product in Action

The Deko D32 is utilized in various medical applications, including pharmaceutical, veterinary, and laboratory cleaning. This machine is built to exceed the standard performance and design requirements stated in “ISO/DIS 15883-1 washer-disinfectors – Part 1: General requirements” and Part 2: “Requirements and tests for surgical instruments, anesthetic and respiratory equipment, hollow-ware, utensils, glassware, and other items,” as well as the Safety Requirements stated in IEC 61010-2-45: “Specific requirements for washer/disinfectors. Specific specifications for medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary, and laboratory washer/disinfectors.

The Deko D32 has the newest touch screen technology and is quite convenient and reliable. It is equipped with the highest level – Class C – independent, complete process verification recording system to ensure that the essential process variables’ values were acquired and programmed.

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Centrally to give service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The after-sales support package includes the warranty, commissioning, training, consultation, HACCP and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply.

If you choose, Rhima can plan regular maintenance on a contract basis. Rhima can also undertake safety, hygiene, and temperature checks to guarantee that your equipment runs to needed standards for complete peace of mind.

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  • Who will set up and maintain my machine?

    Rhima has a staff of qualified engineers and technicians who install and maintain machines across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. We can also provide training and support for onsite maintenance personnel. If you live in a rural area, we can collaborate with a local contractor to guarantee that your machine is serviced according to our specifications. In Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, wholly online and onsite service is offered. If you need a local provider, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rhima.


  • Is it possible to operate a dishwasher without using hot water?

    Yes, a dishwasher may be used without access to hot water. All Rhima machines contain a “Thermo stop,” which means the cycle will not complete if the temperature does not meet the safe minimum for cleanliness. Cycle times may be longer. If possible, connect machines that are linked to cold water to a three-phase power supply.


  • What is the difference between a condenser and a heat recovery unit?

    A condenser is a device that catches and condenses the steam that is ordinarily released from the dishwasher. A radiator circulates cold water while a fan draws hot vapors through the opening. Because the water from the condenser is slightly pre-heated, it is frequently used for the final rinse procedure. The heat transmitted to the water is utilized to pre-heat final rinse water in a heat recovery unit, similar to a condenser but with a larger heat exchanger.

    A heat pump is a heat recovery system that employs a refrigerant to take excess heat from the machine and reuse it for the final rinse. A heat recovery unit, in most circumstances, eliminates the necessity for a direct connection to external ducting. Building rules, however, nevertheless require appropriate room ventilation.



  • Why Rhima? 

    Rhima’s standard is this. When we clean, we don’t only clean hygienically; we also clean efficiently, ergonomically, and sustainably. And, because of our global network, we can clean up every corner of the earth.