The Best Part of Having a Commercial Dishwasher: Upgrade and Innovate

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Every restaurant’s heart lies on the food they serve, including the plating, the cleanliness, and the appeal of execution, implying the importance of commercial dishwashers in today’s era of fine dining. Now that restaurants are competing for their names in every corner, one of the biggest edges one can have over others is when the employees are no longer working for things men can accomplish. Wise to say, restaurant dishwasher is one appliance that served best in today’s busy kitchen.

Come to think of it, all your employees are giving their best attending to your valuable customers as they remain satisfied with the service your crews are giving them. Needless to say, but the secret behind every successful restaurant is the tireless commitment of its crew and the great appliances which help their creativity and productivity come to life.

As an owner, it is always better to take on risks rather than doing nothing at all. Later in this article, you will know why it is a “go-go” for restaurant cleaning innovations. Yes, it’s another capital, another one-time investment, but it is all worth it.

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Rhima VH50 pass through washer inside hood

What's Behind the Big Need for A Commercial Dishwasher?

It is wiser to talk first about hand dishwashing and how this scheme has to be replaced over time. For hand dishwashing, you will be paying an employee for that specific task, or else, you will get another person from the team to do the task. How unlikely was it? Below are reasons why hand dishwashing is a “no-no’ for your winner restaurant.

  • Bacteria stays at sponges

Remember that your top priority is your customer’s satisfaction. You don’t even want to think that you will be serving them with plates with germs. Their health remained your number one priority.

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Why Go for Commercial Dishwasher?

Since the world keeps innovating and upgrading everything from the past, going along these innovations and level-up is intelligent. Go overcome your losses from resources and time. Eliminate the risks of serving plates with bacteria, which is not healthy for your restaurant performance. And utilize the use of your staff by letting them do works that your appliances cannot do.

It’s now time for commercial dishwashers to do their job.

It’s a two-way wise decision because when you avail this appliance, you not only clean your dishes so well, but you can also utilize the use of your personnel. Good thing, more can attend to your customers’ needs since it’s quite good for customers to be attended to, quickly for good rating performances. It’s why below are the benefits of a commercial dishwasher.

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Rhima rental VU-40 underbench dishwasher
VU40 double rack rental machine

The Benefits of Choosing Commercial Dishwashers

Over the years, commercial dishwashers have become increasingly significant to the foodservice industry. For a good reason, they are quicker, more economical, and do a better job at cleaning your dishes without complaint. That sounds exceptional!

The primary benefits of owning a dishwasher are;

  • Money saver

You no longer have to pay for a dishwasher. Wise enough, if you compute the money you are paying for them, it is better to have an appliance to do the job for you. Well, it’s just a one-time investment and having the best for your business.

  • Speed and ease of operation

Nothing can beat programmed equipment. Since it is hi-tech, ease of operation is guaranteed. Restaurant cleaning will be made easier with this kitchen equipment.

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How to Choose Your Best Commercial Dishwasher

As you decide to add a commercial dishwasher to your kitchen, the size is one of the best considerations. Check the area where you will place the item. Look for the maximum capacity with the minimum area of consideration. But for further help, below are other considerations you might look into.

  • Pass Through Dishwasher

Include VH50 in your options. This type of dishwasher fits well for medium-sized cafes and restaurants. However, its cleaning capacity is superb, and the VH50 time duration of cleaning takes 180 seconds only. This type is perfect for restaurants with a tight budget. And one of the best things about VH50 is that it has an ideal self-cleaning cycle for fewer worries.

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Rhima VH50 pass through washer

Service Support

Sales support service includes warranty, commissioning, training, consulting, HACCP, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwasher parts, accessories, and detergent supplies.

The regular maintenance can be scheduled on a contract basis. For complete peace of mind, Rhima can also conduct safety, hygiene, and temperature tests from time to time to ensure that your equipment is operating according to required standards.

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Time for Your Big Decision

You can have an exceptional kitchen performance with Rhima, which offers easy rentals of commercial dishwashers.

When you invest with Rhima for your commercial dishwashers, expect that you only need to do a quick process. Just visit their website or call them at 0419 802 241 to know the best rental options for you. Thus, you are a few steps to provide your customers the impeccable service.

Come visit or contact Rhima today and support your business with advanced machine technology for cleaning. Upgrade, innovate and save more for your winner restaurant!

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  • What is the main advantage of owning a dishwasher?

    Not just a money saver, having your own commercial dishwasher means time-saving. You can put all the kitchen utensils altogether in one wash. With not much time and less use of water, it is exceptional.


  • Is hand dishwashing better than dishwasher?

    Certainly no, if you compute the payment you had given to dishwashing personnel, it could also amount to a one-time investment with commercial dishwashers.


  • Is dishwashing at a restaurant hard?

    It is hard and unpleasant work. Often you work the busiest shifts alone. Instead of doing a single task, you have to deal with the customers and at the same time work in the busy kitchen.