VU-35 Benchtop Glass/Dishwasher

The VU-35 is perfect for bars, wineries, tasting glassware and other small food or drink outlets where space is at a premium. These machines can be installed benchtop or underbench. The cycle times can be 90, 120 or 150 seconds.

350 x 350 mm rack size fits into the machine.

If installed on the ground, legs can be added to heighten the machine.


Standard features:

  • 3 wash cycles and self cleaning cycle
  • Built-in detergent & rinse aid dispenser
  • Double skinned door for energy saving
  • Door safety switch stops machine if door opened
  • Thermostop system ensures 100% sanitisation
  • Drain pump to allow for easy connection to drain
  • Heavy duty, commercial grade construction
  • Designed in Australia, Made in Italy
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