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Cruise ships, yachts, navy vessels, submarines, and other on water vessels can be ripe for spreading diseases. Being on board these vessels it is so important to ensure most items are washed at a certain temperature to stop the spread. A robust and properly maintained cleaning and sanitisation system can help prevent and slow the spread of outbreaks.

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Electron marine underbench dishwasher
two rhima ht 14 optimas with heat recovery installed on a ship

Why does the marine industry need dishwashers?

The health and safety of crew and passengers is, of course, the top priority, and many operators have introduced enhanced screening, prevention and control measures. As a leading supplier and manufacturer of industrial, catering and medical washing equipment Rhima has the solutions and experience to help prevent the spread of viruses and contaminants onboard ships.

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On board features

Rhima supplies a range of marine dishwashers built with some important features.

  1. Lockable doors – to prevent unwanted opening during sailing
  2. Bolted feet – Rhima supply special custom built feet that can be bolted to the floor and prevent movement of the dishwasher
  3. 60Hz pumps – to match the power supply on board


At Rhima we understand that there are time constraints on vessels in port. Rhima can organise repair, maintenance and installation during the short docking time frames. For more information contact us today 1300 347 944

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ht 14 optima washing with heat recovery installed on a marine ship