Why Is It Needed To have An Industrial Washer In The Logistics Industry?

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Food industries or vehicle manufacturers employ the logistics industry to carry goods utilizing a variety of reusable crates, pallets, bins, and bulk containers. As a result, these reusable crates, pallets, bins, bulk containers and supermarket trollies need to be cleaned for safety purposes.

Adopting industrial cleaning solutions for the logistics industry is one of the best decisions you can make as a business owner. Instead of spending a lot of money on washing solutions regularly, allow industrial washers to handle all the dirty tools. In a pandemic, industrial washers or commercial washers may be the most effective way to reduce health risks for all of your employees and consumers.

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RT-580 washer

Why Does Logistics Company Need Industrial Washer?

The reusable objects used to enclose the cargo can become contaminated at any point in the logistics process. Expired food debris, general transportation filth in the food business, and even oil deposits in the industrial sector are examples of this contamination type.

Sanitizing plastic pallets and containers, on the other hand, requires specific cleaning techniques that aren’t possible with standard cleaning methods. It entails removing the bacteria almost completely without harsh chemicals like bleach, which could contaminate food or cause damage to other products.

A logistics business’s responsibility is to ensure that its customers’ products are not contaminated. Cleaning and disinfecting large volumes of pallets and containers with an automatic washer is faster and more efficient than cleaning them manually.

Another example is washing bird feces off wooden pallets, Rhima can offer solutions for this.

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How Can The Rhima Washer Help Logistics Companies?

Rhima offers a comprehensive range of washing machines that can easily be customized to clean and sanitize a wide range of returnable transit containers, such as wheelie bins, pallet boxes, bins, and bin lids. The machines can be set up to work in various industries, including the automobile industry and the food business.

You may rest assured that Rhima has you covered, even though there are thousands upon thousands of washers available for purchase online! Any of our products, from traditional washers to commercial-grade dishwashers meant for heavy-duty industrial use, are the best of the best! In addition, all Rhima washers are built to help you save money, energy, and water.

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What Are The Advantages Of Using an Industrial Washer From Rhima?

Rhima’s industrial washers make life considerably easier, safer, and healthier. Given the increasing concern over cross-contamination in various food items from food processing industries, you will undoubtedly obtain the peace of mind you require. Because of the low unit prices, cost-effective processes, and hygienic food products after using industrial washers, eating food from the logistic company can be safer.

All Rhima dishwashing machines are maintained and HACCP inspected by Rhima employees and professionals who have received the required training. They assist you in maintaining and managing your dishwashers to perform at their best, and you don’t have to worry about costly machine failures. You will not only save money on the purchase of Rhima dishwashers, but you will also save money on water, electricity, and maintenance costs.

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Choosing the Suitable Industrial Washer

There are a few things to think about initially when choosing the right Industrial washer for you. You wouldn’t buy a random washer and expect it always to perform as it should. Washing machines have been built to solve certain cleaning issues in the past.

  1. You should inquire about the location of your washing machine’s electrical outlet. Check to see if your dishwasher’s outlets can handle the load.
  2. Consider the water temperature you’d like to use in an industrial washer. Chocolate moulds can be easily removed with hot water, although tools made of low-heat-resistant materials can be damaged. As a result, a cooler water temperature may be the best option.
  3. Check to see how many loads of washing an industrial washer needs to clean. If you have a lot of crates to clean, you need to invest in a heavy-duty cleaner.

Check to see if our washer will fit. Rhima washing machines, on the other hand, can handle whatever cleaning needs you may have.

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Custom built wheelie bin washers
VX231 crate washer

Rhima's RC Crate Washer: A Logistic Company Needs For A Better Crate Washing Solutions

The crate washing systems manufactured by Rhima are fully automated and built to the highest standards. They are planned and built to meet the customer’s needs to improve efficiency and productivity. Rhima’s crate and multifunctional washers’ capacity start at up to 50 crates per hour.

Many various types of soil can be removed promptly thanks to all accessible versions and the ability to get customized setups. Several alternatives are available to ensure the optimal fit in the wash area while reducing the amount of time and work required.

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Service Support Packages Available as Maintenance Packages

Preventative maintenance and HACCP testing on Rhima equipment are performed by Rhima personnel who have received significant training. Rhima will service and maintain your industrial dishwasher at its best for your peace of mind, lowering the chance of costly repairs.

Rhima preventative maintenance has the following advantages:

  • Saves electricity bills
  • Costs of total maintenance are reduced
  • Saves water usage
  • Reduced use of detergents
  • Increases the equipment’s useful life
  • Unexpected major repairs are covered by insurance
  • Back-ups and unnecessary costs are eliminated

Rhima is reliable, robust, and high-quality.

Rhima has a complete line of machinery specifically built for any business. Unlike other dishwasher manufacturers, we are committed to our belief that all of our products are manufactured to the highest standards to give you a means of conserving the environment without losing quality.

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  • Who will install and service my machine?

    Rhima has qualified engineers and technicians spread across Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore to install and service machines. Onsite maintenance personnel can also be trained and supported by us. We can also collaborate with a local contractor to guarantee that your machine is serviced to our standards if you live in a rural area. In Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, fully online and onsite services are available. For your local provider, please get in touch with Rhima.

  • What is the best chemical to use when cleaning a food processing area?

    According to health and food safety organizations’ guidelines, always use the recommended cleansers, such as detergents, to clean areas from grease and visible filth. You can also use sanitisers after washing with detergents to kill germs, but they are less effective on dirty objects if used before cleaning with cleansers.

  • What is the machine's maximum operating temperature?

    A maximum connection temperature of 70ºC is recommended if a Rhima machine is connected to hot water. The temperature of the last rinse should not exceed 85 degrees Celsius.

    According to appropriate time vs. temperature guidelines, your washer’s temperature will reach over 80ºC for 10 minutes or over 90ºC for 1 minute if it has a disinfection cycle.