Trolley Washing Machines by Rhima

A Rhima trolley washing machine is specifically designed to target germs, dirt and bacteria on supermarket shopping trolleys.  Any large retail or wholesale business, including commercial airports, need a trolley washer. 

Our Rhima trolley washers are engineered to efficiently clean and disinfect shopping trolleys to the highest quality standards time and time again. Our trolley washers will consistently clean to the highest cleaning quality and performance in the busiest environments.

Like all Rhima products, these products are designed to be eco-friendly, durable and efficient. 

trolley washing machine

The cleaning process.

During cleaning, each trolley will automatically move through various stations of the washing process, including powerful washer jets, a washing brush process for a deep clean, disinfection and finally, shining and drying.

Rhima Trolley Washer

Customers today expect shopping hygiene.

Customers in supermarkets and shopping centres and commuters at airports today, especially after a pandemic, are more than ever aware of hygiene, the spread of germs and the risks unclean shopping trolleys present. It is essential for trolleys to be well maintained, clean and germ-free.

A Rhima washing trolley machine

It will enhance the image of your business.

Image is important and providing clean trolleys for your customers goes a long way.  Trolleys are used throughout the day, especially at airports or busy shopping centres and often contain food items and can easily get dirty and spread germs. Having trolleys that look well maintained and visually clean reflects well upon any business. 

trolley washers

More reasons to purchase a trolley washer.

Trolleys are widely used by the public and can have more germs and bacteria than public toilets or escalator side rails. Shopping trolleys are, therefore, a great environment for bacteria to breed and spread A typical person will use a trolley twice a week and potentially be exposed to this risk.  Mould, like bacteria, is also an issue, mould can lead to allergies, infections and, in extreme cases, poisoning.  Our trolly washers eliminate this problem. 


Some additional advantages of Rhima Trolley Washing Machines.

  • They have a High Capacity 

  • Excellent washing and fast drying results

  • Low operational costs 

  • Sound use of electricity and water

  • Easy to  load

  • A modern control system for easy operation

A washing trolley machine could be the solution your business needs

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