The critical approach by both government and consumers to implement effective control measures to ensure safer and improved products has an ever-tightening grip on industries.

Ginger Pandemic

video of rhima bin washer at templeton farm

Templeton Ginger is Australia’s largest supplier of premium fresh ginger and won a prestigious 2020 biosecurity award for implementing strict protocols to combat a disease threat.

Rhima have a Mega Bin washer installed on site that cleans the ginger crates. The machine plays a very important role for biosecurity.




Pandemic Handling
The New Royal Adelaide Hospital

video on the infection control procedures at the new royal adelaide hospital“Many of the hospital’s unique features have been specifically designed for the delivery of elite heath care during a pandemic”.

Rhima supply, maintain and validate 78 Deko 190iX washer disinfectors on a regular basis to ensure the machines comply with the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s stand out infection control operations.

Rhima have a state of the art Bin Washer installed on site to wash and sanitise the 240 ltr and 660 ltr bins.

Industrial Washing and its safety role in Organic Farming

As the organic farming movement continues to grow, the systems used in producing the healthy soils needed to grow crops and plants play a vital role. While conventional farming has its standards, the organic farming industry is heavily regulated; stringent protocols are in place to ensure organic, healthy practices. One of the integral parts of this system is the washing and storage of organic produce. As pathogens that are damaging to plants, such as an imbalance of nematodes, are dealt with at the soil level, identifying and correcting of issues such as contamination by listeria and other bacteria harmful to pregnant women and populations with compromised immune systems can be effectively dealt with at the washing stage. Companies equipped to provide industrial washing mechanisms and methodology that complies with standards and practices can be a valuable resource to the organic farmer.