About Rhima

Group PhotoAbout Rhima… We are an Australian owned company specialising in equipment washing systems. We operate nationally in three market segments: Hospitality, Medical and Industrial.

We bring together the best equipment available and represent European specialist manufacturers on the Australasian market. Our suppliers are international companies that have non-competing product lines. Rhima operates in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.

The equipment ranges from off-the-shelf machines to specialised/custom built washing equipment built to TGA, FDA and GMP standards.

Rhima head office in Melbourne has an ISO9001-2015 Certification and as part of this we conduct regular meetings to review and discuss user feedback and/or complaints. This information is actioned by our technical service department and our equipment manufacturers to improve service provision and equipment design.

Rhima are proud members of the Australian Packaging and Processing Machinery Association (APPMA). Rhima have been networking with APPMA since 2016.

Quality You Can Rely On

When you buy from Rhima you are not just buying a piece of machinery. You are drawing on over 50 years of washing equipment knowledge built on a solid foundation.

Rhima specialises in equipment washing systems for businesses, industries and environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are essential.

That’s all we do.

Our entire focus is on energy efficient and ergonomic washing systems that deliver superior results for our clients at the lowest possible cost.


Solutions Focussed

rhima employee working on a drawing for a customerRhima has a strong reputation for total project management of installations of every size, from small catering requirements to complex laboratory and industrial cleaning and disinfecting systems.

We will listen to you and clearly identify what you want to achieve. We will custom design the equipment and systems to fulfil your objectives. Our solution will minimise labour and energy costs, address environmental responsibilities and comply with all health and hygiene standards and relevant legislation.

Many innovations on the Australian market have been instigated by Rhima. We have supplied state of the art washing equipment to companies like CSL (Commonwealth Serum Laboratories) for their flu-vaccine plant that comply with TGS, FDA and GMP standards. Rhima has also custom designed and supplied a machine to Westmead Hospital to combat the Ebola virus.


International Network

Export sales from our Rhima offices have increased with machines now in:

  • Sri Lanka
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji
  • Phillipines
  • China
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand


Rhima’s Environmental Initiative

rhima logoLet’s wash our way to a solution. Wash and Reuse. We made the change with our coffee cups, reusable straws, drink bottles and shopping bags – why not expand this.

Rethink Reuse Rhima

Click the ‘Rethink Reuse Rhima’ to watch our video

At Rhima we are all about being environmentally sustainable. Rhima will consult with workers in achieving compatibility between economic development and the maintenance of the environment to minimise harm. Rhima Australia Pty Ltd will endeavour to minimise impact on the following:

  • Atmospheric emissions
  • Site contamination and spills
  • Noise Emission
  • Damage to flora and fauna
  • Storm water management
  • Unnecessary energy consumption

To fulfil this commitment, Rhima Australia will observe all environment laws and promote environmental awareness among all workers to increase understanding of environmental matters.

Rhima Australia will actively take part in the following:

  • Assess Eco-footprint to identify environmental impacts and move towards more sustainable practices
  • Identify waste streams and options for effective waste management
  • Improve purchasing (buy recycled materials, reduce waste, use less harmful/volatile chemicals)
  • Improve storage (reduce quantity, waste and spills, reduce odours by keeping containers closed)
  • Conserve energy
  • Conserve water (install water saving accessories, repair leaks)
  • Preserve waterways (clearly mark and protect storm water drains and have spill containment processes in place)
  • Emergency planning and incident response
  • Seek appropriate licenses/permits from relevant Authorities relating to activities that may potentially impact the environment
  • Improve education/awareness
  • Notify relevant authority in the event of a major environmental impact