Palletisers & Depalletisers Automation and Robotics

Rhima can offer palletiser and depalletiser automation solutions that are connected to work with your Rhima washer.

The fully automatic palletisers are able to turn the crates in the most suitable direction, to optimise the available space on the pallet.

The depalletiser is a fundamental automation to optimise production times and processes.
Once loaded onto the conveyor belt, the depalletiser will automatically separate the crates which are stacked above the pallet from the pallet itself. The depalletisers are suitable for europallets and are equipped with a system which recognises the different pallet dimensions.

Damage to expensive production equipment can be minimised by choosing the right washing equipment with less manual handling. The effective and efficient use of water, power and chemicals is not only a cost saving exercise, but also a moral obligation towards a sustainable future.

Rhima areĀ able to meet the specific requirements of the customer through the creation of tailor-made automations. These solutions save labour costs (as well as associated costs).

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