DVS+ Built-in Ward Washer Disinfector with Automatic Door

The DVS+ washer disinfector built in non-touch automatic door is ideal for use in bathrooms at hospitals and other infection control facilities. It has the ability to connect for use with a toilet.

Cleaning at ward level is in most cases a risky manual process. At ward level all re-useable items should be treated as infectious. They need to be made safe before commencing any further processing stages.


Rhima are Leaders in Washer Disinfector Technology

The DVS+ is an automatic non-touch door washing unit that handles almost every ward cleaning task quickly, easily and hygienically. The DVS+ has a load capacity of 4 urine bottles or 1 bedpans and 1 urine bottle. Click below for the standard model without non-touch option

Optional Descale pumps/kits can be installed on your machine at an extra cost for areas with hard water to prevent scale build up.

It is a simple, safe and cost effective process that minimises risk to both staff and patients. The DVS, its accessories and detergent are registered with the Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA).

The DVS+ washer disinfector non-touch automatic door complies with all relevant Australian standards, ISO 15883-1 & ISO 15883-3 and has a Watermark licence.

The Rhima DVS+ washer disinfector non-touch automatic door units are adaptable to each room and fulfil any planning requirement.

The wide range of models available in this line solves any installation problem for completely furnished dirty utility rooms or for assisted bathrooms without additional costs and with the advantage of fast installation and assembly both in new structures and, above all, when renovating old structures or replacing old machines. There are solutions for installing bedpan washers: on the floor, wall-hung or built-in.

Moreover, it is possible to install the compact solution which combines slop-sinks, basins and cabinets. These combined sluice units, adaptable to individual customer requirements, can be delivered with a single water supply and drain system.

Rhima supports its customers providing technical documentation (installation drawings, customised layouts, plumbing and electrical connection drawings) for turn key utility room projects.

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