Deko 2200 Drying Cabinet

The Deko 2200 drying cabinet is ideal for laboratories, hospitals and any items across all industries that need to be completely dry. It is designed especially for drying surgical instruments, anaesthetic hoses and equipment, as well as other reusable items used in patient health care. It can also be used to dry many other items such as chocolate moulds.

The chamber of the Deko 2200 drying cabinet can accommodate two full loads (4+4 shelves) from the washers. The sound and heat insulated double walls of the cabinet are made of AISI304 stainless steel. DC-2200 is available as a single door or pass-through model, left or right hinged.

The PLC controlled DC2200 provides excellent means to speed up the processing of equipment in busy medical and laboratory application. It secures the appropriate conditions for drying of cleaned and disinfected items by using HEPA filtered air at controlled temperature for various articles and materials.

  • By drying 2-3 times faster than a washer-disinfector with an integrated dryer, it saves both time and energy and enables the simultaneous washing & disinfection / drying routines. Thus, the flow of goods becomes quicker and the whole processing a lot more economical.
  • Programmable Logic Control with a Touch-Screen user interface & info panel enables the use of fixed pre-set, nominated cycles by a press of a button and also allows adjustments to meet specific requirements.
  • Safe, shockproof and thermally insulated double glazed door(s) enable the identification of the load in the chamber. In the pass-through model only one door can be opened in turn.
  • Optional process data downloading to a FTP server and/or network printer provides the means for connection to tracking systems.
  • Constructed and designed to provide the maximum flexibility and capacity. The dedicated retractable AN-hose cassettes and holder shelf can accomodate up to 64 long hoses.
  • Heat exchanger for saving electricity and decreasing humidity exhaust.
  • Sound and heat insulated
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Single or pass through door
  • PLC and touch panel
  • Adjustable interval between shelves
  • Temperature adjustment range
  • HEPA-filter condition indication
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