Twin Star Disinfector Washer

The Twin Star disinfector cabinet-style commercial dishwasher is ideal for up to 30 bed healthcare facilities, boardrooms, small hotels, guesthouses, wine cellars, business restaurants up to 50 covers, family restaurants up to 75 covers, schools up to 120 covers, hospital departments, clinics, 5 star hotels and restaurants and even large family homes.

Rhima has developed the ultimate in sophistication for your kitchen, the Twin Star dishwashing system. Small in size but packed with technology and features that make it the world leader in efficiency, performance and environmental credentials. Compared to conventional systems, the Twin Star requires only 30% of the space, 90% less labour, 50% less water, 85% less detergent and over 40% less power to wash 300 dishes. Think of the savings! Add to this the convenience of Twin Star’s easy plumb, plug and go installation.


The ease of loading is comparable to that of a domestic dishwasher. It’s like placing items on a shelf – the Twin Star is simply load and go. No need for staff to work after hours and no need to wait for cycles to finish.

The Twin Star disinfector has a Twin Sided option which provides separation between the dirty loading area and clean kitchen areas, further reducing wasted space and increasing efficiency. Furthermore the cool touch double glazed doors make the Twin Star so quiet you and your customers will hardly notice it’s on.

This elegant show stopper has won a Prize award at the Louvre Museum Paris and Equipment Innovation Awards at the Equipment Hotel Exhibition. A third the size of pass through systems, unparalleled flexibility, countless features and twice the benefits… at a fraction of traditional costs and with a disinfection cycle, the Twin Star is ideal for healthcare facilities, boardrooms, canteens and similar establishments.

  • Labour-saving because no dedicated wash up staff are needed. Just load the machine, turn it on and walk away.
  • Less noise than commercial dishwasher and not hot to touch because the machine has double glass construction and thermo-acoustic insulation which means operation is quiet and the cabinet stays cool to the touch.
  • Touch Screen changes colour at each cycle phase, displaying the actual working temperature which indicates the current status: blue 60° wash; red 85° rinse; green 93° disinfection to cope with outbreaks
  • Versatile configuration because the interior racks are easily adapted to specific requirements. The machine is available with double door configuration to separate clean and soiled items, and/or doors on both sides to allow access from adjacent rooms
  • Dishes can be used immediately after cycle ends or can be left stacked in machine as storage
  • Space saving because the machine takes up 1/3 of the space of a normal dishwasher
  • Installation is VERY easy! Just connect water circuit & supply cable – the machine is ready to go (no steam hoods, no vents needed, no floor grids, no water treatment necessary)
  • Automatic built in water softener which allows use of machine in hard water areas – no need to attach additional filters
  • This machine has a unique thermal shock drying system which means that it dries items with cold water
  • Chemical dosing and monitoring station which means that the machine does all the work and tells you when to replace the detergent bottles. The detergent bottles have their own front loader drawer inside the bottom of the machine which means less footprint and visible mess.
  • Self-cleaning system which means the washer cleans itself when set on that cycle
  • Power supply 400V 3 phase + N 50Hz
  • Total power 7.1 kW
  • Wash tank capacity 18 ltr
  • Rinse water consumption (per cycle) 72 ltr
  • Rinsing temp (approx) 85 °C
  • Disinfection Cycle
  • Condensation Drying
  • Water connection 3/4″ hose
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