Commercial Dishwasher Divided or Compartment Glass Rack 50 x 50, 500mm x 500mm

Suitable for most underbench and passthrough dishwashers VU-50 or High Sparkle 50 or VH-50 or RH-60 Optima or RR rack conveyor models.

These compartments can be paired with our standard 010G racks and heightening frames to create a custom rack suitable for your needs. These create specialised glass racks suitable for glasses as the compartments prevent breakages and damage to glassware during the wash cycles. These racks can be custom built and adjusted to suit the height of your glassware. They are made of polupropylene to ensure longetivity and can be stacked. The Rhima High Sparkle diswashers come with a soft start which means that the water pressure is slower from the get go, so if you cannot afford the compartment racks, just a standard rack will do the job and prevent breakages! These machines are handy in high turnover environments such as bars and nightclubs.

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Colour: White (part number: 016GWhiteDivider4550268K)
Capacity: 36 glasses
$28 + GST each

Colour: Red (part number: 017G RedDivider)
Capacity: 49 glasses
$28 + GST each

Colour: Yellow (part number: 014GYellowDivider4550264K)
Capacity: 16 glasses
$28 + GST each

Colour: Blue (part number: 015GBlueDivider4550266K)
Capacity: 25 glasses
$28 + GST each

Name: Heightening Rack (part number: 020G)
$28 + GST each

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