Rhima has all the dishroom accessories you need to make your dishroom complete, including racks, trolleys, waste bins, dishwashing detergents & accessories. Essential items to help keep your commercial kitchen operational & organised, ensuring efficiency is easily achievable.

Dishwasher Racks – Commercial dishwasher racks for your plates, cups, glasses, cutlery and general purpose. Durable, stackable and ergonomically designed with a five year warranty.

    • Commercial Dishwasher Rack 35 x 35, 350mm by 350mm. For  the GS-35 glass washer.
    • Commercial Dishwasher Rack 40 x 40, 400mm by 400mm. Fits the GS-40 or Optima 400.
    • Commercial Dishwasher Rack 50 x 50, 500mm by 500mm. Ideal for GS-50 or Optima 500.
    • Other racks include but not limited to; Cutlery cylinders, Machine inserts, Saucer Holders and LP model inserts.

Dishroom Equipment – All the accessories you require to make your dishroom complete, including trolleys, waste bins, shelving, tables, sinks and more.


rhima 500x500 racksVU50 double rack rental machine