GS-50 underbench dishwasher


The GS-50 underbench dishwasher is the workhorse of Rhima’s range. Compact, powerful and affordable. The perfect machine for washing and sanitising cups, saucers, plates, glasses, containers, cutlery and most equipment used in a commercial kitchen environment.

The GS-50 underbench dishwasher is suitable, depending on the type of operation, to wash up for approximately 30 people per hour.


  • Double walled door which means that less heat escapes and the machine is not hot to touch
  • Easy to use soft touch panel that shows temperature and alarm errors
  • Thermostop safety system that ensures the machine has reached the correct temperatures before completing the cycle in order to comply with HACCP guidelines
  • Built in detergent and rinse aid pump which means that the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected
  • Easy to remove nozzles and filter for cleaning
  • Back flow prevention valve that stops the dirty water from leaking back into the clean wash water
  • Four cycles pre-set to 60/90/120 and 180 seconds
  • Low water consumption (approximately 2.3ltrs per cycle)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel design
  • The GS50 has an automatic drain pump – this means that the machine can be installed in places where the actual waste connection is above the machine outlet point. (Maximum height of 50cm).
  • Hard working, cost effective and quiet, the GS-50 is the perfect candidate for budget conscious, small to medium sized restaurants, bars and catering facilities.
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