LP-1 pot and utensil washer

Benefits of the LP-1 pot and utensil washer:

  • Built in booster heater and thermostop which ensures a HACCP compliant 82oC fresh water final rinse
  • Five cycles pre-set to 120, 240, 360, 480 & 600 seconds each. They are fully programable with a self-cleaning cycle.
  • Hygienic deep-formed tank eliminates pump cavitation
  • Double skinned which means that less heat escapes and the machine is not hot to touch
  • Independent stainless-steel wash & rinse arms
  • Double tank filter with waste collection system
  • Energy saving as the machine reduces power when in standby mode
  • Multichromatic start key which clearly shows the working temperatures and the washing cycles in different colours so that it is clearly visible to users.
  • Self-diagnostic system that notifies if there are any anomalies
  • The internal corners of the double skinned tank are rounded for easy cleaning.
  • Just like all our products constructed entirely in stainless steel 304 with critical items like tanks in 316.


Heat Recovery Unit means the moist air is drawn directly out of the machine when the door is closed, and used for pre-heating the cold water supplied up to around 50°C. As a result, the energy required to reach the final rinse temperature (approx. 85°C) is dramatically reduced. With the LP1 you can save 4.85 kw/h.

The LP-1 pot and utensil washer also improves the room‘s air quality and climate. The heat recovery unit reduces the exhaust air temperature by more than half so that the entire humidity volume is cut down by approx. 10% of the LP1 without a heat recovery unit. This permanently improves the operators’ comfort.

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