RO Mini – Reverse Osmosis Unit

No more polishing.

To achieve a polish free result the combination of Rhima’s High Sparkle glass washer and specialist detergents rely on perfect water conditions. Our RO Mini unit guarantees perfect results. Depending on where you live, tap water has certain levels of minerals and salts that when dried leave marks and stains on glassware and cutlery.

The RO Mini has been specifically designed to utilise cold tap water and by passing it through specially designed membrane filters under very high pressure most of these minerals and salts are removed, giving 99.9% perfect water for rinsing. In high sediment areas we recommend the use of our special carbon filters to pre-filter the incoming water and extending the life of the RO membranes.


Australasia has the safest and best drinking water in the world, however this does not mean it is the best water in which to wash and polish glass ware and cutlery. Due to the often high mineral content, the clean final rinse water in a glass washer will leave unsightly marks on glass ware and cutlery when dry. In the past these spots were removed by manually polishing the glasses. However this is a labour intensive and a potentially unhygienic and dangerous practice. Most dishwashing machines add a rinse additive to promote drying. Unless the rinse aid is adjusted to suit glass ware the dosage is often too high and can also leave marks and stains on glass ware and cutlery. It can also have a detrimental effect by reducing the effervescence of sparkling beverages.

Detergent used for normal dishwashing can also be too aggressive for glass washing. The High Sparkle system is designed by Rhima to suit most typical water conditions. With our plug and play High Sparkle system you will save money in reduced labour and breakages. You will also have better infection control practices and hygiene.

  • Modern & compact design
  • No polishing required
  • No tank of stagnant water
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life span on filters and membrane
  • Filters included in unit
  • Dimensions: 414 H x 130 W x 445 D mm
  • Weight: 12.45kg
  • Cold water only connection required (max 38 degrees celsius, min 5 degrees celsius) 3/8" connection
  • Flow: 1.6 LPM
  • Power consumption: 10 amp
  • Inlet pressure (max/min): 4 / 1 bar (100 - 250 KPa)
  • Will my glass washer remove lipstick stains?

    Lipstick stain removal is a hot topic. Don’t be surprised if your glasses come out of a dishwasher with lipstick stains, sometimes this can cause a problem when removing it later. Therefore if you see a heavy lipstick stain wipe it away first. Lipstick is one of the hardest items to wash, especially with the new technology of waterproof and 24 hour lipstick.

    However with the correct wash pattern, temperature and chemical dosing there is a good chance that your Rhima glass washer will remove lipstick in one cycle.

  • Is there a cutlery and glass polish free dishwashing solution on the market?

    Yes there is a cutlery and glass polish free solution on the market. Rhima’s High Sparkle machines are connected to specially treated water which has all minerals removed to allow for spot free results. Please contact us for more information and check out the High Sparkle range below

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