Deko 2000 Washer Thermal Disinfector

The Deko 2000 is ideal for mortuaries, prisons, laboratories, clinics and hospitals. It is available as a single door or pass-through model; an integrated dryer is also optional. The machine is constructed of stainless AISI 304 and acid-resistant AISI 316 steel, and all of the components have undergone rigorous testing.


A microprocessor offers the choice of five different programs. Wash water temperature can be adjusted to enable the cleaning of surgical instruments, rubber and plastic goods, as well as glassware. The disinfection time and temperature are programmable from 87ºC to 93ºC and from 1 to 10 minutes, and can be altered through the use of special codes. In the event of a malfunction, a red malfunction indicator displays, and the fault indicator will show a numeric code pinpointing the problem. The door safety lock prevents the door from being opened if the set values for disinfection have not been met. It also prevents both doors of a pass-through model from being opened simultaneously; thus ensuring a separation at all times between the clean and unclean areas of the department.

The Deko 2000 has rotating wash arms and an automatic connection for spray racks, facilitating the injection of water into instruments, hoses and bottles. The design of the removable wash arms ensures thorough contact with all items being processed and all parts of the wash chamber. The design also allows for easy cleaning of the spray holes. The sliding shelves mounted on the sides of the wash chamber are fully removable allowing for a diversity of loading options.

  • Fully automated PLC
  • Touch screen display
  • High efficiency dryer with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter class H13
  • Sound and heat insulated
  • Shockproof window(s)
  • Adjustable automatic detergent dosage pump
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