Brunetti are family

Rhima has been blessed with a number of long-term relationships with customers and suppliers, most of which are also family businesses.

“We’ve never looked at any other dishwashers.”

Brunetti is a Melbourne institution. The original Brunetti cafe opened in Lygon Street, Carlton in 1974, before moving around the corner to Faraday Street in 1985. In 1991, about the time Rhima started, the business was acquired by its current owners, the Angelé family. Over the years the family expanded the Faraday Street outlet then relocated back to the original location – at much larger scale – in Lygon Street. They’ve subsequently opened other outlets in central Melbourne and at Melbourne Airport.

Rhima has been supplying Brunetti’s with dishwashers for over 20 years. “We started with some small dishwashers,” says co-owner Fabio Angelé, “and as the business grew we graduated to the automatic tunnel washer and various other items for production. Whenever Brunetti have had a need, Michael and Rhima have been able to come up with a solution. Rhima have supplied dishwashers of various sizes to each of the cafes, as well as to Brunetti’s production facilities.”

For Fabio, one of the strengths of the Rhima relationship is reliability. “Probably two or three times in the last seven years there’s been a problem, and it’s just security to know that someone will be out within a few hours.” The other strength, of course, has been Rhima’s innovation. “We’ve never looked at any other dishwashers.”

Product: LP4 S8

universal pot washer at brunetti washing

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