Rhima Dishwasher Racks

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Rhima dishwasher racks are an often-overlooked part of the dishwasher. But they’re important: They protect your dishes from damage and help make sure each piece comes out clean. If you’ve ever had a broken plate or cracked glass because it wasn’t properly loaded, you know how important good racks can be! Rhima’s custom dishwasher racks are designed to fit perfectly in any type of dishwasher — new or old.

You can get them in just about any size and shape for your specific needs, whether that means adding extra support for glasses or bowls with handles, attaching them directly to your countertop, so they don’t move around during operation, or even getting some with a built-in drip catcher / tray underneath (highly recommended!). No matter what kind of set up you have at your workplace right now, we’ll have something that will meet all your needs while also protecting against breakage!

Good dishwasher racks protect the quality of your dishes.

Dishwasher racks are designed to support and protect dishes in the dishwasher. This can be done in a number of ways: by providing a space for the dishes to sit inside, by stopping other items such as cutlery or plates from hitting against them, or by creating obstacles between the water spray and the surface of your dishes. All three methods help your dishes remain unharmed during their journey through the washing cycle.

If it’s not balanced properly, many different things could happen: plates may break; cutlery might bend or discolour; glassware could crack or even shatter; plastics like Tupperware may be destroyed in its entirety! 

Dishwasher racks keep dishes separated during the wash.

Racks assist in keeping your dishes apart during the wash. The rack is made of durable plastic and features rows of holes that are sized to fit different types of dishware.

These racks allow water to flow through, which helps prevent food from drying on your dishes. Dishwasher racks can also be easily cleaned by hand or in a dishwasher since most come with a removable top rack for easy access.

Dishwasher racks can be customised to fit different types of glasses, plates, silverware and machinery.

Our racks are designed to fit the dishwasher and its needs. They can be designed to accommodate different types of glassware, plates, silverware or kitchen items.. Dishwashers have different shapes and sizes for their baskets, so it is important that you choose a rack that fits your specific machine.

Dishwasher racks are durable — they’re made of stainless steel coated in plastic to make them rust-resistant.

Dishwasher racks are durable and rust-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about them breaking down over time. The metal used in dishwasher racks is stainless steel coated in plastic to make it more resistant to rusting. They’re also dishwasher safe, which means all you need to do is throw them in with your dirty dishes and they’ll come out looking just as good as new.

Dishwasher rack designs are easy to clean and keep clean because they have no dirt traps.

The reason dishwasher racks are easy to clean and keep clean is that they have no dirt traps. Dishwasher racks can be cleaned in the dishwasher, but you can also clean them manually with a sponge and soap if you need to.

Using Rhima’s custom dishwasher racks can help increase the life of your dishes.

By investing in Rhima’s custom dishwasher racks, you can help increase the life of your dishes. Dishwasher racks are designed to hold glasses and dishes securely, so they won’t chip or crack during the washing process. And because they’re made of stainless steel, they’ll also resist rusting or scratching—which are two common problems that lead to chipped edges on glassware.

Finally, because these racks have smooth edges and rounded corners (to prevent warping), you’ll get more use out of them than those cheap plastic alternatives that warp within just a few months!

Rhima plate racks

Dishwasher racks are one of the most essential parts of your dishwasher. These racks keep dishes separated during the wash and provide a designated place for different items, like silverware and glasses, so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged or broken.

Dishwasher racks are also made from durable materials with plastic that makes them well suited to the task of cleaning — this means fewer replacements over time! The best part about using Rhima’s rack design is that they’re customisable according to your needs; we offer a wide variety of sizes as well as adjustable height options, which makes sure everyone gets their own space in our products 🙂

Colour: White (part number: 016GWhiteDivider4550268K)

Capacity: 36 glasses

$28 + GST each

dishwasher racks

Colour: Red (part number: 017G RedDivider)

Capacity: 49 glasses

$28 + GST each

Rhima Rack Designs


Colour: Yellow (part number: 014GYellowDivider4550264K)

Capacity: 16 glasses

$28 + GST each

Quality Dishwasher Racks

Colour: Blue (part number: 015GBlueDivider4550266K)

Capacity: 25 glasses

$28 + GST each

Rhima Innovation

Name: Heightening Rack (part number: 020G)

$28 + GST each