Deko D32 Washer Disinfector Dryer

The Deko D32 is used across the medical industry, particularly in pharmaceutical, veterinary and laboratory washing. This machine is designed and constructed to exceed the standard performance and design requirements stated in “ISO/DIS 15883-1 washer-disinfectors – Part 1: General requirements” and in Part 2: “Requirements and tests for surgical instruments, anaesthetic and respiratory equipment, hollow ware, utensils, glassware, etc,” as well as the Safety Requirements stated in IEC 61010-2-45: “Particular requirements for washer/disinfectors used in medical, pharmaceutical, veterinary and laboratory fields”.


Quiet convenient and reliable the Deko D32 has the latest touch screen technology. In order to guarantee that the values of the critical process variables were truly obtained and as programmed, it is equipped with the highest level – Class C – independent, full process verification recording system.

Process results are guaranteed throughout:

  • water pressure for washing is supplied by a high powered circulation pump
  • pipework and the number of loading shelves fitted with rotating spray arms are calculated to have the maximum soil removal efficacy
  • wide selection of disinfection temperatures and cycle times to secure the microbial killing impact
  • fast HEPA filtered drying
  • Cycles can be altered to meet almost any special requirement, though the standard requirements are met with the fixed, tested and approved programs inserted by the manufacturer.
  • The washing spray patterns are delivered through five rotating spray arms and purpose designed racks to guarantee the contact with all surfaces and crevices of instruments with the most intricate design.
  • Double-glazed, heat insulated and shockproof window allows a visual check upon the status in the wash chamber.
  • All parts of the machine and washing accessories coming into contact with the processed items are being cleaned and disinfected simultaneously and separate manual handling is unnecessary.
  • Special attention has been paid to sound and heat insulation by using double sheet constructions and the most efficient and environmentally friendly materials.
  • VGA-TFT 6.5“ touch-screen colour control panel and information display
  • Pressure Graph
  • Temperature Graph
  • 12 permanent program stations – unlimited number of pre-set cycles
  • High efficiency dryer with a pre-filter and a HEPA filter Class H13
  • Drying mode may be used individually
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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