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Benefits of a Medical Washer?

According to the US Food & Drug Association (FDA), a medical washer or washer-disinfector is a medical device intended for general medical purposes to clean, decontaminate and disinfect surgical instruments, anaesthesia equipment, hollowware and other medical devices. A medical washer-disinfector works similarly to dishwashers, removing dirt using a mix of water circulation and cleansers but with the added disinfection cycle.

Disinfection is a process of destroying microorganisms. Australian Standards 4187 (AS-4187) describes disinfection as a process of inactivation of non-sporing organisms using either heat or chemical means. Thermal disinfection has relatively tight boundaries, which are described in AS-4187. For example, a surface must be subject to a temperature of 90oC for a period of no less than 60 seconds. This must be verified or verifiable, and only then can the item be considered to be disinfected, but only if they are clean.

Why do You Need a Medical Washer?

The answer is simple: high-level cleaning, disinfection, and sterilisation process. The world has experienced first-hand an unprecedented, terrifying pandemic. If medical instruments are not properly cleaned, disinfected, and sterilised, there is a substantial possibility of contamination.

The World Health Organization states that Respiratory secretions or droplets expelled by infected individuals can contaminate surfaces and objects, creating fomites. Contacting surfaces in the local surroundings or things contaminated with viruses from an infected individual, then touching the mouth, nose, or eyes, can also result in transmission.

Therefore, using a medical device washer, like the washer-disinfector, is essential in performing a high-level disinfection process on medical devices – thus, preventing COVID-19 infliction and other viruses.

How Rhima can Help You with the Best Medical Washers in the Industry

Are you looking for the best and most affordable medical washer-disinfector? The search is over! Rhima is the gold standard in medical washers globally.

Rhima has a solid reputation for comprehensive project management of all installations, from modest catering needs to large laboratory and industrial cleaning and disinfection systems. On the Australasian market, we bring together the best equipment available and represent European specialty manufacturers.

Our suppliers are worldwide corporations with distinct product lines. Our high-level equipment includes everything from off-the-shelf machines to specialised/custom-built washing machines that adhere to TGA, FDA, and GMP guidelines.

We are a multi-award winning company bringing you the best when it comes to equipment washing systems. Our solid and reliable credentials enable us to gather more loyal clients who are extremely satisfied with our products and services.

For a more comprehensive background about us, kindly check our website.

Benefits of Rhima Medical Washers

In the medical business, medical washers are essential. Cleaning at the ward level is typically a dangerous manual task. All reusable objects on the ward should be considered contagious. Before moving on to the next level of processing, they must be made safe.

Rhima’s washer-disinfector is the best instrument washer on the market. Our engineers have paid maximum attention to detail in designing and building the washers. They have been developed to endure continuous usage in all medical, pharmaceutical, and veterinary facilities.

In addition, our medical washers clean and disinfect at a high level without going beyond the appropriate water usage. Hence, you get the most out of your time, effort, and money.

Rhima’s first aim is to provide a medical washer with high efficiency and cutting-edge technology. We also undertake regular inspections such as safety, sanitation, and temperature checks to verify that the machine you’re using meets the highest possible requirements.

How to Decide if a Medical Washer is for You?

Deko 190 iX

When it comes to medical washers, you always look at the instrument washer’s safety, effectiveness, productivity, cost, and timeliness.

A pulp macerator is used to dispose of a single-use utensil and its contents. The bedpan and its contents are sliced into fine slurry by the machine. It is subsequently discharged into the ordinary drainage system through the pipes. This method significantly increases the strain on the sewage system, and is not environmentally friendly. The risk is that incontinence pads, diapers, and other things get stuck in the macerator and pipes, effectively clogging it up.

Hence why, a bedpan washer is what you’re looking for! Environmentally friendly and safer with fewer contamination risks to staff.

The Rhima Deko-190 is a washing machine that can swiftly, efficiently, and hygienically handle nearly any ward cleaning duty. It’s also suitable for prisons, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and other infection-control institutions.

A bedpan flusher disinfector is a device that empties and disinfects a bedpan. The Deko-190 follows ISO 15883-3 and flushes, washes, rinses, and disinfects a bedpan using steam.

The Rhima Deko-190 is the only machine that cleans like a dishwasher using hot soapy water and disinfects with steam after a hot rinse. It disinfects not just the utensils but the whole interior cabinet and piping system as well. The Deko 190 is unlike any other flusher/sanitiser/disinfector in terms of cleaning power.

Here are some of the many features and benefits that the Rhima Deko 190 prides on:

  • The Deko 190 is a washing machine that can swiftly, efficiently, and hygienically handle nearly any ward cleaning duty.
  • Bedpans and lids, urine bottles, hand wash basins, suction bottles, buckets, kidney bowls, theatrical overshoes, and vases are automatically flushed, washed, and disinfected by the Deko 190.
  • The integrated drop-down shelf on the Deko 190 gives space for four-hand wash basins or a mop bucket.
  • You may also use the shelf to store and process inserts and wash accessories such as kidney dishes, bowls, vases, toilet brushes/holders, and other hollowware.
  • Optional holders and baskets allow for the proper placing and loading of various goods, such as carpet squares, suction jars, and medication pots, and increase the Deko 190’s capacity and adaptability.
  • The Deko 190 features a big wash chamber and can empty and process 2 bedpans with lids and 4 urine bottles simultaneously.
  • It also cleans equipment before CSSD, preventing exposure from manual handling. As a result, one Deko 190 not only replaces two traditional machines but also saves your employees hours of clumsy manual labour. It leads to increased employee productivity, significant space, power, and water cost reductions, and, most importantly, enhanced infection control procedures.
  • Optional Descale pumps/kits can be put on your machine at an additional cost to avoid scale buildup for regions with hard water.
  • The Australian Register for Therapeutic Goods (TGA) has approved the Deko 190 and its accessories and detergent.
  • The Deko 190 is Watermark licensed and conforms with all applicable Australian standards, including ISO 15883-1 and ISO 15883-3.

It is highly recommended because of its advantages, especially if you search for cost-effectiveness and get the job done swiftly and efficiently.

Maintenance Packages that are Available as Service Support

Rhima has our state service centres with a network of certified service agents providing complete backup assistance. All of them are coordinated from a central location to offer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Warranties, commissioning, training, consulting, validation and infection control, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwashing parts, accessories, and detergent supply are all included in the after-sales support package.

If you prefer, Rhima can arrange regular maintenance on a contract basis. For total peace of mind, Rhima can also undertake safety, hygiene, and temperature testing to verify that your equipment is working to the necessary standards.

Rhima professionals will service and maintain your dishwasher to ensure that it operates at peak efficiency and avoids costly failure.

The following are some of the advantages of Rhima preventive maintenance:

  • You will be able to save money on your power bills.
  • Costs of complete maintenance are reduced.
  • Water conservation.
  • Detergent consumption is minimal.
  • It extends the life of the equipment and protects against significant repairs that may occur unexpectedly.
  • Unexpected costs and downtime are avoided.

The Quality You Can Rely On

When you buy from Rhima, you’re getting more than simply a machine. You’re relying on over 50 years of experience with washing machines. Help stop COVID-19 and other viruses in their tracks with Rhima’s premier medical washer. For more information about our instrument washers, kindly call 1300 347 944 or visit our website.