How A Trolley Washer Can Benefit Your Business

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COVID-19 remains a concern worldwide. Ensuring we prevent the continued spread of this virus and other illnesses is a must in every industry. It’s particularly needed in industries that utilise trolleys or carts. These pieces of equipment are designed to carry food, crockery, laundry, waste, and even a combination of all of these. Which means they’re constantly at risk of contamination. The surfaces of the carts and trolleys can harbour contaminants like moulds, soil, substrate residue, bacteria, fungus, and even funguses. In catering, care and hospital environments, these contaminants are potentially devastating.

As a result, trolleys and carts must be properly cleaned and sanitised. No matter if you work in a commercial, medical, or industrial setting, clean and sanitised trolleys or carts are a crucial foundation. Trolley washers are designed to quickly and efficiently clean and sanitise trolleys, carts, and other similar equipment. This allows the equipment to be reused as soon as possible, so services aren’t delayed. Interested in knowing more? Today the team at Rhima will discuss exactly how a trolley washer can benefit your business.

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What is a Trolley Washer?

Essentially, a trolley washer is a machine that cleans trolleys, carts, and similar pieces of equipment. A trolley washer is a powerful piece of equipment that is designed to support a wide range of industries. It can comprehensively clean and sanitise all styles of trolleys, carts and similar equipment, with cleaning operations being easily controlled from a touch display. This means cleaning is a completely hands-off operation. This keeps your staff safe from potentially contaminated equipment.

Trolley washers are designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making them quick and easy to use so any member of staff can quickly and easily clean a trolley. This powerful supportive piece of equipment is technically advanced but easy to use, providing you with perfectly clean and sanitised carts and trolleys.

How Does a Trolley Washer Work?

Rhima trolley washers come in a wide range of configurations to suit the needs of your business. Washing systems can be sunk into the floor or placed at ground level for roll-in-roll-out configurations. They are designed to order and to your specifications to comply with HACCP rules. Rhima trolley washers are adaptable and provide effective results while adhering to the strictest hygiene standards when washing and sanitising.

The trolley, cart or similar piece of equipment is rolled into or placed into the trolley washer. The generous wash chamber ensures sufficient space for your required trolleys and equipment. Inside it is treated with high-pressure nozzles in order to remove even the most stubborn of residue. And the wash water filter system efficiently traps all the dirt and residue removed during cleaning. Trolley washers, especially those from Rhima, aim to wash racks, cages, and floor-level or rail suspended frames, making them suitable for treating several different utensils on the rack.

Rhima trolley washers can come with pre-foaming cycles to help remove the most stubborn of dirt and residue, like that left over from smoking ovens. And cabin operations can come with single or double doors, centrifugal technology, and high-capacity tunnel operation. Trolley washers not only clean and disinfect your trolleys and carts, they also quickly dry your equipment to ensure you can use it again as soon as possible.

What Industries Does a Trolley Washer Benefit?

Trolley washers are integral to industries that need to clean and sanitise trolleys and carts thoroughly and may also need a fast turnaround time. Having a trolley or cart out of service may cause a delay in services or in transporting products, slowing down the rest of your business. This is why a trolley washer is ideal for:

What are the Benefits of a Trolley Washer?

Catering and care industries are expected to provide safe and sanitary services. They require trolleys and carts that are cleaned and sanitised to strict HACCP standards. Trolley washers, especially those produced by Rhima, are simple to operate despite their advanced technology. Rhima trolley washers also come in a variety of loading styles to suit the needs of your business. Some can be sunk into the floor, while others are front-loading for easy roll-in-roll-out operation. And to further suit your operational needs, trolley washers come in single and multi-chamber configurations. They are also adaptable to clean crates, bins, trolleys, components, and a range of other objects that require cleaning at high temperatures.

Trolley washers can either be hand-operated or fully automated, utilising PLC controls to make daily operations easy. Rhima provides off-the-shelf options as well as custom-made trolley washers to suit any operational needs. The sophisticated wash system can be easily adapted to any equipment.

Looking for the perfect solution for your business? Contact the experts at Rhima today. Our team can help you choose the perfect trolley option to suit your individual cleaning and sanitising needs!