The Whisky Den

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Inspired by the small bars found within Japan’s narrow alleyways…

Inspired by the small bars found within Japan’s narrow alleyways, Whisky Den was established in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. Whilst the space may be tight, it retains a cosy and intimate atmosphere that fosters conversation between staff and other whisky enthusiasts. Taking into account the limited space of the whisky bar, it was necessary for the small drinking hole to find an underbench glass washer that was compact and could easily fit into the tight space.

Rhima were able to offer Whisky Den the perfect solution with their extensive range of underbench dishwashers. “I had previously used a Rhima glasswasher at a venue I used to work at and I found it to be very reliable. I did some research when I was ready to open my own venue and again chose the Rhima glasswasher as they were very well regarded in the industry,” says Joseph Kornides, owner of the Whisky Den. “The wash cycle is very quick and quiet, and the detergent lasts a long time whilst giving glasses a thorough clean.” No matter the size and space of your hospitality business, Rhima are able to cater to your needs and offer the right solution for your business.

Product: VU-40

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