Seafood Store

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“…Rhima washers installed to guarantee that our bins are washed properly…”machine at seafood store washing crates and tubs

The Seafood Store located in Tullamarine has operated for over 25 years, supplying fresh quality seafood at affordable prices. Adhering to high standards of food safety and hygiene regulations is of utmost importance, and even more so during the time of a pandemic. To ensure that the warehouse is able to operate with efficiency, The Seafood Store invest in the finest equipment which is certified by HACCP guidelines.

Rhima’s machines are equipped with the latest technologies, designed to save water and maximise efficiency during the washing process. “We chose to have our Rhima washers installed to guarantee that our bins are washed properly and to make it less labour intensive for our staff,” says Steven Gambrellis, general manager at The Seafood Store. “We are now able to increase the volume of tubs being washed and no longer use disposable cardboard boxes, reducing our waste.”

Rhima is proud to not only offer premium washing equipment but to also offer excellent customer service. One of the aspects that made Rhima stand out amongst competitors for Steven was how approachable and helpful our staff were when questions needed to be answered. ‘Whenever we needed assistance or had a question, Rhima were on it straight away, they were very attentive.’ Rhima deeply values their customers and ensures their service matches the quality of their products.

Product: RC Models