Kids Gourmet Food

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“Rhima machines make the ‘whole process simple,”

Kids Gourmet Food are a catering service who provide nutritious and delicious meals for children. Maintaining a hygienic and clean kitchen is essential to prevent cross contamination, especially when needing to cater for children with various dietary requirements. “Rhima machines make the ‘whole process simple,” according to Matthew Krelle, managing director at Kids Gourmet Food. “With the machines abiding by HACCP guidelines, this ensures that Kids Gourmet Food are following the highest level of food safety and hygiene practices.”

One of Matthew’s concerns was that their previous washer was not fast enough for the volume of dishes that required washing. “Rhima have been able to solve this issue by determining the optimal contact time required to effectively clean dishes, ensuring the washer was able to keep an efficient pace yet clean to high standards.” The dishwashers enable a greater capacity of dishes to be washed, streamlining the clean up process.

No matter what problems your company faces, Rhima are able to provide cleaning solutions that adhere to industry standards. They are dedicated to helping you achieve impeccable hygiene and cleanliness with their quality range of washing equipment.

Rhima machines are exceptional at servicing the hospitality industry and provide an efficient solution to your washing process to ensure it is done to the highest standard.

Product: RC Models

kids gourmet food machine to wash dishes