Hahndorf Hill

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“Without any doubt, it is my favourite bit of luxury equipment…”

Hahndorf Hill specialise in crafting Austrian varieties of wine amongst the Adelaide Hills wine region. Their cellar doors allow visitors to experience the fruits of their sophisticated winemaking techniques. To cater to their customers and ensure the smooth functioning of their cellar door, Hahndorf Hill have invested in a VU-50 dishwasher to streamline their back of house operations.

“I’ve had the same Rhima dishwasher in the busy kitchen at our cellar door for the past 12 years” says Larry Jacobs, owner of Hahndorf Hill Winery. “Without any doubt, it is my favourite bit of luxury equipment. Mainly because it always does an amazing job and I can always be absolutely confident that the dishes and utensils will be both sparkling and hygienically clean.” Rhima washers aim to help businesses achieve efficiency and exceptional hygiene standards.

Product: VU-50