Hagen’s Organics

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Hagen’s Organics are a family owned butcher who are guided by the desire to provide a healthier and more environmentally conscious way of eating. The business is community oriented and work together with local suppliers to provide premium quality, ethically raised meat.

To keep up with the demand and cope under the conditions that COVID had inflicted, Hagen’s Organics chose to purchase the RC Models from Rhima to increase efficiency within their business. “Everyone, all the staff, they love the washer. It’s great and we have had no complaints at all,” claims David Gritzner, Manager­ at Hagen’s Organics. Rhima’s crate washers aim to reduce the hassle of the clean up process and are well suited to the food industry. They can be customised and tailored to meet individual needs, ensuring that all kinds of dirt and debris is removed to achieve sparkling clean results.

Product: RC Models


hagens organic machine washing meat soiled tubs