Ballarat Clarendon College

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Ballarat Clarendon College reached out to Rhima to source a solution to wash glasses for functions they host. These functions are using in excess of 300 glasses per event. The college had previously been running a residential dishwasher and needed a faster more hygienic solution that kept up with the throughput and was easy to use.

We discussed with the college what they were wanting to achieve and what their expected results were in order to tailor a solution with a glass washer to suit their requirements. This is why we recommended the Rhima High Sparkle glass washer packed with the power to keep working through their events. The High Sparkle is very easy for first time users and displays progress throughout the cycle. It has the ability to partially drain the tank, refilling with fresh water to ensure a cleaner final rinse, ultimately leaving the customer with cleaner glass ware.

We also spoke about lipstick, now this is the tricky topic of conversation. You will not find a dishwasher on the market that is able to clean lipstick off glassware. Lipstick is available in so many varieties, 24 hour long last, SuperStay, 16 hour lip colour and many more that are built to withstand time, water, food, drinking etc. Safe, preventable measures can be taken to wash the lipstick off before it goes into a washer. There are also options available to allow for a polish-free finish, saving labour and potential work cover issues. Speak to our friendly team to hear more about these 1300 347 944.

In early May 2023, the Rhima team (Craig & Sarah) visited site to install the new glass washer. There was about 2 metres of space + cupboards between the taps and where the washer was to go, so the team cut through cupboards, extended the hoses, and commissioned the new unit with staff training in under 2 hours.

Chelsea Byrne, Project Manager – Communications said “Rhima were just so helpful throughout the whole process. They answered all our questions which made everything so easy and efficient. We were really happy with the level of customer service provided.”

There is no job to big or small for our qualified staff. Get in touch with us today 1300 347 944 or [email protected]


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