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Rental Machines: A Helpful Guide in Finding Efficient Commercial Dishwasher

Indeed, it is inevitable to encounter sticky and stubborn dirt on dishes. But what makes it worst is you are still hand washing! That’s why your employees are already exhausted from a thorough cleaning to maintain safety and the best hygiene in your business, keeping them from giving their best to other tasks. Luckily, a readily available commercial dishwasher can help you efficiently meet sanitation requirements by providing you spotlessly clean dishes, pots, and other hardware!

Commercial dishwashers are undoubtedly developing more significant roles in the foodservice industry by providing more economical, faster, and efficient cleaning. So, it is unfortunate that not all can afford to own their commercial dishwasher right now. But there’s no need to worry! Rental machines come as a wise solution to ease your burdens without the stress about the costs.

Now you know that there are reliable rental machines that can be your perfect washing solution, your next step is to find the best partner that can give you the best rental machines that suit your business.

Rhima – Home of Quality Washing Equipment

Rhima is dedicated to providing the perfect dishwashing solutions that suit every business. It is partnered with different food-related businesses aside from hospitals and laboratories. Hence, Rhima achieves an impressive leading reputation for top-notch services and products.

Aside from having outstanding credibility, you will love Rhima’s care with every client. That’s why they take on a significant step in being closer to their customers. Rhima is a friendly partner that offers a practical and ideal washing solution to help everyone have their efficient commercial dishwashers to save them from spending more money maintaining satisfying clean kitchenware.

Rhima is giving what everyone wants! Thus, launched the Rhima Rentals allows renting of commercial kitchen equipment at a low cost. But why renting a dishwasher on Rhima is your best choice?
Keep reading to learn why.

The Benefits of Choosing Rhima Rentals

With over 30 years of experience, Rhima understands the need and significant role of safety and hygiene in businesses. That’s why they are committed to providing every restaurant, café, or bar with the essential kitchen equipment they needed to impress their customers with sparkly, spotless dishes.

Besides that, Rhima will free you from worries. They will do all the critical works to save you from turning into hand washing again. Rhima offers competing kitchen rental machines like no other and always has readily available for the quick delivery to your place.

One of the perks in renting with Rhima is that they offer flexible rental terms at competitive rates and 100% tax-deductible. So, you have the chance to extend the rental time because you will only know how efficient a commercial dishwasher is until you have tried one!

When you rent a dishwasher, expect that Rhima will provide you quick installation process, they will find a perfect spot in your kitchen. Therefore, you’ll be saving an incredible amount of space, perfect for working more comfortably and faster. Also included with Rhima’s service is the ideal training for effective use of the dishwashing machine. Hence, be at ease because Rhima will not let you down and guide you through the process to be an outstanding achiever in the kitchen.

All Rhima Rental’s commercial dishwashers have a competent short wash cycle of dishes. At most, you only need to wait for 3 minutes to collect all your sparkly clean dishes quickly. The washing kitchen equipment is designed to meet the safety requirements and thus, works on sanitizing the dishes at 82 degrees C fresh water for the final rinse.

The temperature can be easily seen if you want to inspect it because it is displayed on the machine’s front panel. Plus, Rhima gives high-grade detergent and rinse aid that perfectly works on their durable commercial kitchen dishwasher. So, all the dishes can be done quickly for increased bench space and save the other time to complete the other business tasks.

Truly, Rhima is a reliable partner because they have consistent customer service available 24/7. So, you will only need to wait for a short time before Rhima’s competitive local technician checks your dishwashing equipment. It is aside from the offered preventive maintenance test to minimize the untimely repairs.

Undeniably, Rhima offers more than outstanding services. That’s why it is a loss not to give a shot with their offer! But before that, you need to understand that there are different types of dishwashers; thus, assessing your commercial dishwasher glasswasher options should match your preferences.

How to Choose Your Best Commercial Dishwasher

Choosing your best commercial dishwasher can be easy if you match it to your needs. It is essential to evaluate the size and capacity of the kitchen machine to know if it is the perfect additional equipment. With that in mind, here are the most popular kitchen machines types that Rhima offers for rental to help you learn how to differentiate and hopefully guide you to make your satisfying rental decision.

• Pass Through the Rental Washer

One of Rhima’s famous pass-through rental washers is the VH50. This dishwasher type is best suited for medium-sized cafes and restaurants. It gives a high-capacity cleaning wash cycle time that lasts 180 seconds, at most. VH50 is perfect for restaurants that are working for a limited budget. Lastly, the machine has an ideal self-cleaning cycle perfect for easing your burden on cleaning.

• Under-Bench Rental Washer

Contrary to the pass-through rental washer, the under-bench type is for smaller food outlets. It has two popular models, the VU40, which perfectly suits tiny tea houses, bars, coffee shops, and even offices. While the other one, VU50, is convenient to use in wineries, restaurants, and cafes.

Although the VU40 model is a smaller under-bench washer than others, it shines in wash cycle time. Both under-bench rental washers can work between 90-180 seconds to give spotless sanitized dishes.

From cafés and restaurants to offices and wineries requires a unique type of dishwasher. That’s why it is crucial to start renting without evaluating factors like cost, speed of operation, and machine features. Luckily, Rhima is the perfect service provider for every washing solution problem.

Partnering with Rhima Rentals

You can stop hand washing now because Rhima offers easy rentals – more of what you want!

When you invest with Rhima for your commercial dishwashers, expect that you only need to do a quick process. You only need to visit their website or call them at 0419 802 241 to know your rental options. Thus, you are a few steps away from providing your customers the perfect service.

Contact Rhima today and support your business with advanced machine technology for cleaning. Enjoy a big save on your overall business costs!


Here are the popular questions and inquiries practical to help you decide about your rental machines:

• Why are commercial dishwashers so fast?

Commercial dishwashers are fast because it is designed to accommodate all item dishes. The loaded quantity for commercial dishwashers is not essential. However, it would be best to place the dishes slightly apart to achieve fast and efficient washing.

• Why is it a good idea to have a commercial dishwasher?

Commercial dishwashers ease your problems with stubborn and hard dirt on dishes. It requires less effort than hand washing. Also, it gives better cleaning without any complaint.

• What should be done with the commercial dishwasher at the end of each workday?

It is highly recommended to leave the commercial dishwasher’s door open after the end of each workday to allow it to have a proper air dry.