Why a Pass-Through Dishwashers Will Help Your Kitchen

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Pass-through dishwasher

Commercial dishwashers have quickly transformed businesses by easing the work in the kitchen by providing efficiency with Pass-through dishwashers. Balancing between washing and preparing meals for your customers can be a very challenging task for your staff, especially if you are managing a big restaurant, coffee house or pub.

Convenience makes a business grow by creating a good working environment for the staff and a comfortable place for the customers to enjoy your services. In the modern kitchen, dishes, glasses and all kinds of crockery can be cleaned within minutes, compared to the days when people had to line up for hours to get served.

Technology has drastically changed the trajectory of various businesses; with the invention of kitchen equipment like glass washers, you can get rid of that lipstick stain from your glass in seconds instead of spending plenty of time trying to scrub it off.

The pass-through dishwasher is a game-changer in the commercial kitchen. Also known as a hood-type dishwasher, this machine is powerful and faster, making it useful for bigger commercial kitchens where space is not entirely limited.

Pass-through dishwashers are large freestanding machines devised for continuous functioning; more robust models can clean more than a thousand dirty plates in an hour.

They are also known as hood-type dishwashers because you do not need a door to open them; instead, there is a wash hood that can be moved up and down or the crockery, and cutlery trays can be passed through on a conveyor. This feature makes it easier to load and unload without interrupting movement within the kitchen.

Why Your Kitchen Needs a Pass-Through Dishwasher To Be More Efficient

Pass-through dishwashers ease the washing process in a professional kitchen by making it fast and efficient; these are factors crucial to the success of your business. A business should provide extremely quick service to its customers.

Investing in quality kitchen equipment like a Pass-Through dishwasher will prove to be very useful to you. These machines can keep up with the heavy volume of dishes that you need to wash. They are made to cater to the medium- to heavy-volume dishwashing demands in your kitchen as they can wash approximately 720 to 1440 dishes every hour.

Pass-Through dishwashers are designed for immediate delivery of cleaned cutlery and glasses. It is equipment that is very important, especially for more extensive commercial operations. They are designed with a “feed-in” and “feed-out” table on either side of the unit for dirty and clean dishes to be placed pre and post-wash; the term pass-through is derived from this functioning.

As a business owner, you should consider acquiring a pass-through commercial dishwasher primarily if your kitchen serves more than 230 meals during each service period. The units are commonly contended with up to 80 racks of dishes per hour.

Pass-through dishwashers are vital for a business, especially during busy periods in a commercial kitchen; they promote efficiency by giving your customers a smooth service.

The acquisition of these powerful machines will have your business experience robust growth by offering your staff a good working environment where they can focus on other responsibilities in the kitchen, like cooking, therefore helping them retain a professional status.

The need for a Pass-Through dishwasher in a large commercial kitchen is almost critical. Customers gain satisfaction from not only good food and drinks but quick, professional service as well. This is an objective that these potent machines can help you achieve.

A kitchen is a delicate place in a business, this is where food is handled, and as a result, it should be done with proper care to keep off unhygienic properties from getting in them. Pass-Through dishwashers do more than wash dishes; they offer hygiene by effectively cleaning stubborn elements from glasses and plates and killing any harmful bacteria or germs.

Commercial kitchens handle plenty of dishes that need to be quickly washed and delivered back for serving; it is nearly impossible to wash out every dirt and oily substance from a dish if you are doing it by hand quickly. The features of a Pass-Through dishwasher allow it to properly eradicate any dirt, food particles and oily surfaces from your crockery there, ensuring that your customers get served with clean dishes.

How Can We Help You Make The Decision of Which Dishwasher Is Better For Your Business

The dishwasher you decide to use in your business plays a significant role in ensuring that you achieve your goals. Speed and efficiency are crucial in sustaining the growth and progress of your business; things need to move swiftly in the kitchen to achieve customer satisfaction.

The availability of various dishwashers may make it difficult to make an appropriate decision, but you do not have to scratch your head about that. At Rhima, we do more than offer you the best dishwashers; we also make it our responsibility to ensure that you get nothing but the best.

When deciding on which dishwasher to use in your business, you are, of course, looking at energy efficiency, power consumption and whether or not it fits in your kitchen, giving it a perfect admirable look.

By having a wide range of dishwashers, you are guaranteed to get just what you are looking for; our team of experts will carefully listen to your requirements and help you make the perfect decision that ticks all your needs.

Our rich history is proof enough that we are a trusted company that has built a good reputation by providing you with excellent services. We have partnered with international suppliers that have non-competing product lines.

We ensure that our dishwashers comply with the HACCP and OH&S guidelines because we want you to get a profoundly excellent machine that will help you grow collectively as a business for a long time.

Rhima has an exceptional team of experts with a firm understanding of the local market and will guide and advise you on making the best decision for your business. Our 24/7 service support is always ready to attend to all your queries.

What Are The Benefits Of a Rhima Dishwasher

At Rhima, we strive to assemble and produce the best dishwashers that suit your business demands. Our dishwashers are very efficient as they serve you with optimum performance throughout an extended period. We listen to what you want and give you what fits in as we seek to help you achieve those business objectives and build the ideal kitchen.

Our dishwashers offer you continuity and reliability; this is made possible by our professional staff that understands the local market, making them specialists in this field. With this factor, your kitchen will get a suitable dishwasher that will attend to your busy schedule on a daily basis.

Rhima dishwashers are always equipped with the latest technology by having advanced features to ease your washing responsibilities and promote efficiency.

To ensure that your dishwasher works appropriately for a long time, we also offer you regular maintenance scheduled on a contract basis. Additionally, we conduct safety, hygiene and temperature tests regularly.

How To Decide Between The Choices

When it comes down to choosing the most suitable dishwasher, there are several factors that you have to consider. What you choose is a huge determinant of the direction that your business will take. The following are some of the factors that will help you decide between the available choices:

  • Kitchen space- Does your kitchen have enough room, or is it limited?
  • Is the power supply sustainable? Most dishwashers use a significant amount of power and water compared to others making them more efficient and cost-effective “per plate”.
  • Affordability- As a business, you are looking to earn a profit by ensuring your investments are worth it. Therefore you should go for something that you can afford at the moment and one that will give you a considerable return. Dishwashers vary in price due to the different brands, models and features.
  • Efficiency- An excellent commercial dishwasher should be efficient by properly utilizing the available resources like water and electricity and at the same time give optimum performance by washing dishes quickly and meeting the demands of your business.
  • Installation requirements- Some dishwashers are more complicated to install and need an expert to do it on your behalf. Therefore, you should research what you will need to do the installation; if you can do it yourself, then carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions or if you can afford to get an expert.

Dishwasher Recommendations 

RH-50 pass through washer

At Rhima, we have the finest dishwashers like the advanced VH-50 pass-through dishwasher suitable for your business. This powerful machine has a high capacity and therefore can wash many dishes every hour. It has the following benefits:

  • It has a hood-operated start/stop function. If you push the handle down, the machine will initiate its cycle, and if you lift it, the process stops.
  • It has an easy-to-use soft-touch panel that indicates temperature and alarm errors.
  • The machine can only reach the correct temperature levels before completing the cycle because it is fitted with a thermostat. This is done to comply with HACCP guidelines.
  • The door safety switch ensures the machine cannot be opened mid-cycle.
  • It has a built-in rinse aid injector which means the chemicals connected to the machine are automatically dosed and injected into the wash cycle of the dishwasher.
  • It is fitted with easy-to-remove nozzles and filters for cleaning.
  • The four scrap screens stop food or debris from going down the drain, which could cause blockages.
  • A break tank system that does not allow dirty water to leak back into the clean wash water.
  • Four cycles pre-set to 50/80/120 and 180.
  • It has a low water consumption(approximately 2.8ltrs per cycle)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel design.


Service Support

Preventative Maintenance and HACCP testing: Temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs, and complete maintenance on the machine are some of the services offered here.

Rhima technicians will service and maintain your dishwasher at its highest performance level and reduce the risk of an expensive breakdown. Some of the benefits of Rhima preventative maintenance include:

  • You get to save on electricity costs
  • Savings on total maintenance costs
  • Savings on water
  • Low detergent usage
  • It prolongs the lifespan of the equipment


What is a pass-through dishwasher?

  • They are freestanding dishwashers designed for larger commercial kitchens. They are also known as hood-type dishwashers because you do not need a door to open them; instead, there is a wash hood that can be moved up and down or the crockery, and cutlery trays can be passed through on a conveyor.

What is the difference between a commercial dishwasher and a home dishwasher?

  • Commercial dishwashers use more water, and as a result, they require a more robust drain pump, while home dishwashers are commonly built with an internal drain pump that propels the drainage water out of the unit. Commercial dishwashers have a considerable washing capacity making them suitable for businesses, while home dishwashers are used in residential places and do not need a bigger washing capacity.

What are the disadvantages of a commercial dishwasher?

  • They take up a lot of space in the kitchen, some brands use more water, and it is another appliance that needs proper care and maintenance.

How much does it cost to install a commercial dishwasher?

  • This is dependent on the dishwasher’s size, model, installation company and your business’s outlets. However, on average, the cost of installation falls between $175-$525. It will cost more if you do not have the proper connections for services (ie power, water and drainage).

Where are commercial dishwashers used?

  • In restaurants, offices, coffeehouses, pubs or any such establishments.

How often should you change the water in a commercial dishwasher?

  • At least every 20 wash cycles or twice a day. Or when the water is dirty.

How long does a commercial dishwasher take?

  • It depends on the cycle you choose; it can last anywhere from 3 to 15 minutes. Other factors include how dirty your dishes are or how long it will take to heat between cycle phases.

What is a commercial dishwasher?

  • Industrial dishwashing equipment allows owners to wash several dishes, glasses, pans, and various other crockeries.

What is an under-counter dishwasher?

  • They are installed under most commercial counters. Undercounter dishwashers are ideal for a quick clean and the restocking of plates, glasses, and silverware efficiently.

What should I look for when buying a commercial dishwasher?

  • Type of commercial dishwasher, temperature, size and capacity, Cost and efficiency.

What are the cons of having a dishwasher?

  • Costly, they consume a lot of energy and need repair regularly.

Why is dishwasher installation so expensive?

  • Because of the wide range of features, pricier models usually have plenty of high-tech options like smartphone-syncing capability, and custom-wash cycles that need an expert to properly fix.

Can you install a dishwasher yourself?

  • The procedure does not require any advanced plumbing or electrical skills. All you need is the know-how, equipment and services (eg power, water and drainage).

How does a commercial dishwasher work?

  • They use a movement similar to a water churning machine to cover any ounce of the cups and utensils inside. They do the same cleaning cycle from filling and operating, washing, draining, and concluding by cleaning.

What kind of dishwasher do restaurants use?

  • Commercial dishwashers

What are the duties and responsibilities of a dishwasher?

  • Properly washes, stacks and stores glassware, silverware, cookware and storage containers.

How do you maintain a commercial dishwasher?

  • Always scrape dishes before inserting them in a dishwasher, clean them every day, check detergent and rinse aid levels daily, allow the dishwasher to air dry after every clean, ensure the filter is clean and refill the tank every 20 cycles.

What should be done with plates before loading a commercial dishwasher?

  • Any dirt should be scraped off the plate.

What should be done with the commercial dishwasher at the end of each workday?

  • Leave the dishwasher door open so that it can adequately air dry.

Does a commercial dishwasher require a hood?

  • Most do not, however, for pass-through dishwashers or rack-and-flight machines. The placement of the equipment determines whether or not there is a need for a hood.

Do commercial dishwashers need hot water?

  • They need very hot water to clean and sterilize your dishes properly. It is best to connect your dishwasher to hot water. However, the machine can also heat the water to the correct temperature but it will make the cycle times longer.

Do commercial dishwashers reuse water?

  • To save water, they do reuse water.

What is the temperature for a commercial dishwasher?

  • 54-82 degrees Celsius.

Why is it a good idea to have a commercial dishwasher?

  • They clean dishes very quickly and are very efficient as they help you save on water.