Unveiling the Deko 190 IX Washer Disinfector

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In our pursuit of excellence in cleaning and disinfection, Rhima Australia has come across a true gem – the Deko 190 IX Washer Disinfector. From our experience, we believe this equipment is a game-changer, especially in the realm of bedpan washers and human waste containers.

Understanding the Deko 190 IX: Beyond a Bedpan Washer

The Deko 190 IX, often referred to as a washer disinfector, is a versatile machine designed to handle a variety of tasks, including cleaning and disinfecting bedpans and human waste containers. Its capabilities extend beyond traditional bedpan washers, making it an invaluable asset in healthcare facilities and environments where hygiene is paramount.

Large Wash Chamber: Accommodating Different Needs

One of the standout features of the Deko 190 IX is its large wash chamber. This spacious design allows for the simultaneous cleaning and disinfection of multiple items, catering to the diverse needs of healthcare settings. From bedpans to urine bottles, the Deko 190 IX ensures efficient and thorough cleaning.

Advanced Operating System: Setting the Standard

In our evaluation, the Deko 190 IX boasts the most advanced operating system in its category. The programmable logic controller (PLC) facilitates seamless operation, with approved cycles pre-programmed to address various cleaning and disinfection requirements. This sophisticated system ensures precision and reliability in every cycle.

Washing Spray Patterns: Tailored Cleaning for Every Item

The Deko 190 IX doesn’t settle for one-size-fits-all cleaning. It offers a range of washing spray patterns, allowing users to tailor the cleaning process based on the items being processed. This flexibility ensures that even complex items, such as human waste containers intended for different uses, receive the attention and cleanliness they deserve.

Steam Disinfection: A Hygienic Triumph

Hygiene is at the core of the Deko 190 IX’s design, and steam disinfection is a testament to this commitment. The machine utilises high-temperature steam to eliminate harmful pathogens, providing a level of disinfection that goes above and beyond conventional methods.

Re-Circulated Wash Water: Maximizing Efficiency

An eco-conscious approach is integral to Rhima Australia’s values, and the Deko 190 IX aligns with this ethos. The re-circulated wash water feature minimises water usage without compromising on the cleaning efficacy. This sustainable approach not only benefits the environment but also contributes to cost savings for facilities.

Automatic Emptying: Streamlining the Process

To further enhance user convenience, the Deko 190 IX comes equipped with automatic emptying functionality. This feature simplifies the post-cleaning process, ensuring that users can focus on other critical tasks while the machine efficiently disposes of waste water.

Disinfection Temperatures: Meeting Stringent Standards

Healthcare facilities demand adherence to strict hygiene standards, and the Deko 190 IX rises to the occasion. With precise control over disinfection temperatures, the machine ensures that items processed undergo thorough and effective disinfection, meeting the highest industry standards.

Cycle Setups: Customizing for Specific Needs

Not all items require the same cleaning and disinfection parameters. The Deko 190 IX acknowledges this diversity by offering customisable cycle setups. This adaptability allows users to tailor the machine’s operation to specific requirements, ensuring optimal results for different types of human waste containers.

Minimum Usage of Resources: Maximizing Efficiency

Efficiency is a hallmark of the Deko 190 IX, and this extends to its minimal usage of resources. Whether it’s water consumption, energy usage, or detergent requirements, the machine has been engineered to deliver exceptional results with minimal environmental impact.

Programmable Logic Controller: Precision in Every Cycle

At the heart of the Deko 190 IX’s operation is the programmable logic controller (PLC), which serves as the brains behind its precision. This advanced controller ensures that each cycle is executed with accuracy, adhering to programmed parameters for consistent and reliable performance.

Approved Cycles Pre-Programmed: A Testament to Reliability

The Deko 190 IX doesn’t leave anything to chance. With approved cycles pre-programmed into its system, users can have confidence in the reliability and effectiveness of each cleaning and disinfection cycle. This feature streamlines operations, particularly in busy healthcare environments.

Ensuring Optimal Washing Pressure: A Crucial Factor

Washing pressure is a critical aspect of achieving thorough cleanliness, and the Deko 190 IX excels in this regard. The machine is designed to deliver optimal washing pressure, ensuring that items, regardless of their size or shape, are subjected to the ideal force for effective cleaning.

In Conclusion: Elevating Hygiene Standards with the Deko 190 IX

In our extensive exploration of the Deko 190 IX Washer Disinfector by Rhima Australia, it’s evident that this equipment transcends the conventional bedpan washer category. With its large wash chamber, advanced operating system, and eco-friendly features, the Deko 190 IX stands as a testament to Rhima Australia’s commitment to setting new standards in hygiene and efficiency. For those seeking a reliable, versatile, and technologically advanced washer disinfector, the Deko 190 IX is a compelling choice.