Rhima: Your Best HACCP Compliant Partner

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HACCP Guidelines

Unhygienic situations are always reported in the food and service industries. Thanks to social media, horror stories about mould, grime, and pest have circulated faster than ever before. Dealing with hygiene is a daily challenge for everyone who works in the food industry. Restaurants are required by law to serve hygienic food to their consumers.

Various countries have different food hygiene regulations. In the worst-case scenario, corporations might face jail time if they break one of these laws. Furthermore, their reputation could be forever ruined.

What is HACCP? Why is it so important?

By implementing HACCP, food safety can be ensured. Keeping an eye on your own business and ensuring that hygiene rules are being followed are the responsibilities of every business owner. The best way to accomplish this would be to develop an inspection system based on HACCP principles.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points. The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point system, or HACCP, is a process control system that identifies potential hazards in the food manufacturing process and takes severe measures to prevent them from occurring. Hazards are less likely to arise when each step is closely monitored and controlled.

HACCP is significant in food production because it prioritizes and controls possible dangers. The food business can better convince consumers that its goods are as safe as science and technology allow by controlling significant food concerns such as microbiological, chemical, and physical pollutants. The preservation of public health is improved by lowering food-borne dangers. This abbreviation is rarely known to those outside of the industry. Also associated with medical disinfectors, bedpan washers and medical washers must adopt similar safety principles in the medical field, governed by AS/NZS 4187 standards & regulations.

In food service, food production, and food retail, this is a tool to ensure food safety. A HACCP system helps to identify and eliminate hygiene hazards. Furthermore, it can help prevent errors or trace them when they have occurred.

HACCP concepts are now used as the foundation for food safety plans worldwide. HACCP is used to manage food safety in various food enterprises and is applied to operations at every level of the food supply chain, including manufacturing, preparation, packing, and distribution.

The Best Part Of Having a Rhima Dishwasher: HACCP Compliance

In today’s era of fine dining, the food is at the heart of every restaurant, including presentation, cleanliness, utensils washing, sanitizing, and drying & execution. This means that commercial dishwashers in restaurants have become increasingly important. With restaurants competing for customers in every corner, one of the most significant advantages is when employees don’t need to do the washing up as they can focus on serving customers. Basically, getting a quality dishwasher instead to do the job of staff members. As far as busy kitchens are concerned, restaurant dishwashers are an excellent investment.

HACCP implementation revolves around processes in the restaurant industry because critical risk points must include all activities, conduct, and appliances used. Dishwashers have to meet standards, or management procedures must be amended. If a dishwasher does not meet standards, it has to be replaced. Therefore, determining which dishwasher is appropriate is very important.

Since everything in the world continues to be upgraded and innovated, staying up-to-date is intelligent. Get over your losses from time and resources. Having a Rhima commercial dishwasher in your restaurant will result in better performance.

What are the seven HACCP principles?

The seven principles of HACCP are:

  1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis
  2. Identify Critical Control Points
  3. Establish Critical Limits
  4. Monitor Critical Control Points
  5. Establish Corrective Actions
  6. Establish Record Keeping Procedures
  7. Establish Verification Procedures

Consider HACCP principles to be the measures you need to follow in your firm to monitor and control food safety risks.

Why Choose Rhima Dishwashers?

Rhima dishwashers have become increasingly popular with food service operators over the years. Besides being quicker in washing utensils and more economical, they do a better job at washing, sanitizing and drying your dishes without complaining. Sounds great!

Rhima dishwashers offer the following benefits:

  1. Saves money

A dishwashing person is no longer necessary. In any case, if you calculate how much money you are spending, it is better to use an appliance. Having the best for your business is just a one-time investment.

  1. Effortless operation and speed

Programmable equipment is unbeatable. Due to its hi-tech nature, it’s easy to operate. With this kitchen equipment, you can easily clean items that need to be washed in your restaurant.

  1. Kitchen space can be freed up

Service will be better if the space is larger. The small size of commercial dishwashers allows you to utilize the entire kitchen area. Increasing the number of essentials is one option, or you can have a larger workspace for the staff.

  1. Comply with sanitization requirements

A restaurant’s primary requirement is food safety, so being accurate and precise in sanitization is part of its programmed tasks. Regularly cleaned kitchen equipment won’t be difficult to maintain with commercial dishwashers since they clean themselves.

  1. Reducing water consumption

There’s no need to use much water with this item since it can provide the same level of commercial cleaning. Costs can be reduced substantially.

  1. Breakage reduction

Your plates are all safe, all clean, and perfectly taken care of, so you don’t have to worry about breaking plates, glasses, and so on. Let’s stay away from falling plates instead; let’s welcome perfectly cleaned & washed utensils with care.

Restaurant Dishwashers: How to Choose the Best

One of the most important factors to consider when adding a commercial dishwasher to your kitchen is the size. Look at the available space. Find the one with the largest capacity and least amount of space. You might want to look at the following considerations:

  • Pass-Through Dishwasher

Consider VH50 as an option. A dishwasher of this type is ideal for restaurants and cafes of medium size. The VH50 takes only 180 seconds to clean, yet its cleaning capacity is excellent. It is an excellent option for restaurants with tight budgets. Besides having a self-cleaning cycle, the VH50 has fewer worries due to this.

  • Under Bench Rental Washer

Under-bench washers are more suitable for smaller food outlets than pass-through types, with two popular models. Among them is the VU40. Tea houses, bars, coffee shops, and offices can all be covered by the VU40. On the other hand, the VU50 can be conveniently used in larger & more busier wineries, restaurants, and cafes. Even though they may differ from each other, the greatest advantage for both is their short cleaning time of 90-180 seconds.

Even if you are still not sure about buying these commercial dishwashers, you have another option – consider renting instead of buying. Restaurants, tea shops, offices, wineries, and bars need exceptional cleaning solutions. That’s why it’s very important to evaluate these factors before purchasing or renting an item. Cost, speed, and machine functionality. Rhima is the perfect company to help you with every cleaning problem as an industrial cleaning solution provider.

Rhima: Providing service support 

In addition to the warranty, commissioning, training, consulting, work safety, preventative maintenance, dishwasher parts, accessories, and detergent supplies, our sales support services are here to assist you.

Contractual agreements can be used to schedule regular maintenance. Rhima can also perform safety, hygiene, and thermal sanitization tests as needed to guarantee that your equipment is operating according to regulations.


To help you decide about your rental machines, here are some frequently asked questions and inquiries:

What is the main benefit of owning a dishwasher?

Owning your commercial dishwasher not only saves you money but also saves you time. It is possible to wash all kitchen utensils at the same time. It requires less water and does not take much time.

Is hand washing better than dishwashers?

In any case, the payment you gave to dishwashing personnel was also an investment when it comes to spending money on a commercial dishwasher instead.

Does dishwashing at a restaurant require a lot of effort?

Having to do this is unpleasant and difficult. You often work alone during the busiest hours. It is impossible to do this task while dealing with customers and working in a busy kitchen.

Time To Choose Rhima Today!

With Rhima, you can expect only a quick procedure with educated staff when investing in commercial dishwashers. If you’re looking for the most cost-effective rental options, you’ll find them on our website or by calling 0419 802 241.

You are thus just a few steps away from delivering impeccable service to your customers. Get advanced machine technology for cleaning and washing at Rhima today. Visit us or contact us today. Upgrade, innovate, and save more for your winning restaurant!