Preventative Maintenance and Validation

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providing validation and preventative maintenance and HACCP testing

Why Preventive Maintenance And Validation Is Essential For Medical Disinfectors

Ensuring safety is a must, especially in the medical field. For every tool used, like bedpans, urine bottles, and many more, it is essential that these must be taken care of properly to avoid contamination, which may affect the health of the employees and patients. Furthermore, it is also important for sanitary purposes. That being said, this kind of industry must have access to a medical disinfector, medical washer, or bedpan washer.

Therefore, these kinds of washing tools are indeed present in the medical industry. These are present because of the capabilities and safety they offer to people. With this modern technology, exposure to hazardous elements or contagious illnesses will be well prevented.

Preventive maintenance has numerous advantages. All of which leads to improved operational results, which saves money. It improves the security of and the operation of your system, as well as the security of staff, and assists you in avoiding potentially significant and costly mistakes.

Rhima is compliant with ISO 15883.

Maintenance of Medical Washer-Disinfectors

Like other technologies, proper maintenance is important to prolong its life span. Normally, every piece of technology will depreciate and deteriorate. However, several expenses are involved in keeping everything going well in the medical industry. That’s why regular maintenance and validation are a must if you decide to acquire disinfectors.

Since we’re dealing with the health of every employee and patient, it is necessary to keep a safe environment. That being said, the protocol for safety is essential, and a medical disinfector or an instrument washer can do it for you. It is another important reason why maintenance is essential to prevent contamination.

Focusing on the Prolonging of Medical Disinfectors Life Spans

Deteriorating of a medical washer is inevitable, especially if the products are used regularly. This scenario happens daily to prevent contamination from cleaning bedpans and urine bottles to other care tools. Due to that, this equipment will eventually meet its final step and stop working efficiently and effectively. That scenario is normal but can be delayed!

The standard test is one of the maintenance techniques to ensure the disinfector is working well. Usually, before the product is released in the market, manufacturers must test each disinfector. Thus, proving that the product is in line with the standards of Australia. Fortunately, that kind of care does not end after your purchase. Several manufacturers and sellers provide regular maintenance and validation to ensure that the technology works well. In short, they are making life better for both the patients and the employees of the medical industry.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

We cannot stress enough how vital regular maintenance of medical disinfectors is. It is a big deal as it will affect the patient’s health when it fails to prevent contamination. However, if it works well, making sure that the probability of infections will decrease can improve the reputation of employees and the medical institution for taking care of the patients well.

Through regular check-ups and maintenance of the product, you can achieve the following:

  1. Lessens the cost
    Keeping the medical washer-disinfectors functional will lead to a healthy workspace and help you prevent more expenses. Using the medical washer disinfector regularly can make it prone to deterioration. Although, through regular check-ups, you can see if some parts are starting to malfunction. That means you can fix the problem right away instead of the expensive exercise of buying another set of new disinfectors.
  2. Efficient work
    We cannot deny that usage of technology has made our lives more efficient and easier at the same time. Medical washer-disinfectors do that as well. It helps to keep employees from being infected while the patients get sanitized bedpans and urine bottles to use. Thus, keeping a well-balanced environment in the workplace.
  3. No threat to health
    In connection to the earlier statement, having a non-infected care tool is necessary for bedridden patients. Since they have lower immune systems, it is necessary to protect them more. Contamination due to unclean bedpans should not happen. Proper preventative maintenance & validation of washer disinfectors will prevent this from happening.

Choosing the right Medical Disinfector

Every ward must follow the correct sanitization and disinfection process to prevent any outbreak that may cause panic to patients and employees. However, different methods and criteria are considered to ensure any pathogens or bacteria will not harm anyone’s health. Due to that, identifying the best product in terms of costs and emergencies in the area will be easy.

When it comes to selecting an instrument washer, you must check the following:

  1. Passed the ISO15883 standard
    The standard is followed internationally to ensure that the medical disinfectors are eligible for this work. Furthermore, it is noted that it has a thermal disinfector which is necessary as part of the sterilization process. Usually, after surgeries, every reusable tool used during the operation needs thermal disinfection before sterilization can take place.
  2. Remove soiling
    On the other hand, soiling is a naturally occurring instance due to reusing human waste containers (e.g., bedpans and urine bottles). Regular use of warm water and detergent may not be enough for anyone’s safety unless with the help of a bedpan washer-disinfector, which is more efficient and effective.

Our Service and Support

Rhima is composed of diligent and licensed agents who can assist you in operating and maintaining your purchased medical disinfectors. Services are available as per a contract, which can help you regularly check for safety and preventive measures.

Furthermore, to help you with your dilemma, part of the assistance includes checking washer-disinfector parts, detergent supplies, temperature checks, and many more. Please check the details below for what Rhima can offer.

  • Regular checking or maintenance
  • Thermal test check
  • Validation report
  • Efficient cleaning test
  • Cleaning cycle check


What temperature kills bacteria in a Medical Disinfector?

 Thermal killing of bacteria defines as a time/temperature combination. However, exposing items to a heat of 90 degrees or more for at least 90 seconds would kill 99.9% of bacteria, and Rhima washer disinfector is capable of doing just that.

Do you need an electrician to install a Medical Disinfector?

 It is best to seek professional help when installing a medical disinfector. That way, you can check whether or not the tool is working correctly and efficiently.

What Medical Disinfector brand is the best?

 Rhima offers a great selection of medical washer disinfectants for any ward in terms of brand. Through their services of regular maintenance, you’ll never have to worry about its deterioration or threat to everyone’s safety.

Rhima’s Best Selections of Deko Disinfectants

Currently, Rhima has 2 choices of ward washer disinfectors that can be of service for everyone’s safety. These are the Deko 190 GT washer-disinfector and Deko 190 iX washer-disinfector. These combination pan & utensils/instrument washers are efficient to use and eligible under the ISO15883 standards. Furthermore, the 2 products can hygienically disinfect every care container used in the medical industry, preventing contamination and infection from occurring. Moreover, it involves a repetitive heating cycle from hot soapy water to disinfectant steam. Thus, ensuring the killing of germs or pathogens left on the containers.