One Of The Most Important Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Commercial Dishwasher: One Of The Most Important Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Choosing the correct commercial kitchen equipment is a critical component for the successful launch or renovation of a restaurant. Every piece of equipment plays a unique role in the efficient and safe operation of the kitchen and front-of-house area. As every restauranteur, bar, or café owner knows, the kitchen can be the determining force of the financial success and acclaim of their business. Kitchen fit-outs present an ideal opportunity to re-evaluate your business needs and assess the viability of the kitchen equipment you have and those you need. A commercial kitchen needs durable, reliable, high-quality equipment that can fight busy restaurant preparations every single day.

The outcome of being under-resourced during service – not having the plates, cutlery and cook wear when the timing is critical and literally costs you money. Customers notice visible soiling of flatware and stem wear – a highly embarrassing observation. Not to mention the aftermath of washing pots and plates by hand late into the night, when award wages are at an all-time high and staffing shortages are plaguing the industry.

Owning a high-performing dishwasher has numerous advantages for you and your commercial kitchen. Fast cycle times mean kitchenware can be turned quickly and to a high standard of cleanliness. Specific racks for glasses, plates and coffee cups mean that breakages can be reduced and personal injury can be avoided. High-quality chemicals and regular servicing mean that in times of high-volume patronage, your dishwasher will often be the hardest-working team member in the building.

What Is The Difference Between a Benchtop Dishwasher And An Underbench Dishwasher?

Dishwashers have the assumed benefit of helping you maintain a clean, sanitized, and clutter-free commercial kitchen environment. Deciding which size is right for your business capacity is a decision that should be based on efficiency, value and purpose.

One of the most popular commercial machines is a benchtop dishwasher or glasswasher. A smaller washer in functionality but not in purpose. Designed for benchtops, it is ideal for stemware, coffee cups and saucers, small café style plates and cocktail-making equipment. They can generally be installed without any benching alternations and connected to existing plumbing and power. Larger in size and scope is an underbench dishwasher. Its practical application is not limited to front-of-house washing, with many commercial kitchens harnessing the power of the wash tank’s capacity to wash cooking equipment during and after service. They are easily installed either under a bar bench or within a kitchen stainless bench.

Rhima has been in the commercial washing machines industry for generations. We use the highest quality components found on the market. Rhima machines are built for Australian conditions with the provenance of Italian manufacturing.

What Are The Benefits Of a Rhima Dishwasher?

To make your life easier and put your energy-efficient machine to work. Suppose you are searching for the best, most efficient dishwasher with a high-quality commercial dishwasher, then look no further than Rhima. We settle for the best and guarantee an innovative and efficient dishwashing range that completes its job as quickly as possible. We ensure that our commercial dishwashers comply with HACCP and OH&S regulations and follow the quality standard suitable to the needs of every household and commercial kitchen.

Of course, our client’s satisfaction and safety are our top priorities. That is why product we offer the finest outcomes possible from our equipment.
To make sure that our dear customers receive the quality dishwashers available on the market, we provide them with continuity and dependability through our competent staff who understand the market well and have become specialists, a personal yet independent relationship with Europe that allows for quick responses to emergencies, and locally properly trained and independent support.

The reason why our sales support service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, guaranteeing that any concerns raised by our customers are addressed and responded to as soon as possible. We also provide work safety, regular maintenance, dishwasher parts and components, cleanser supply, and HACCP and infection prevention and control training.

Which Dishwasher Is Best For You

Since both Bench Top and Underbench dishwashers are easily accessible to use, here are some tips for deciding between the choices. Both of them are available at Rhima’s best-quality dishwasher at all times.

A Benchtop dishwasher suits you when seeking convenience, efficiency, space-saving, time, and money. With only a 10amp plug and hot water, they are genuinely plug-and-play. They are also perfect for those that require small machines for catering or food trucks.

Therefore, if you want to decide if it is the best for you, here is the list to consider:

1. Affordability – other than quality, affordability should be prioritized, especially if you need to purchase it inside the budget.
2. Economically-Friendly – considering this matter will save you more energy and water efficiency because you will likely save a large amount on your water and electricity bills.
3. Saves space – suppose you want a dishwasher that fits your allowable space and corresponds to your design plans benchtop dishwasher is perfect for you.
4. Maintenance – you definitely should know it before having one, because prolonging the life as it runs should be calculated to save your pocket.
If you think it suits all the considerations, you should go for a benchtop dishwasher. Rhima offers one of the finest machines in the RB-35 Benchtop glasswasher. It is a top-class compact model suitable for items like cups and can also be used for glass washing in places like restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and various other food outlets required to follow HACCP guidelines.

The under-bench dishwasher is the best fit for you, especially if your kitchen is small yet has under-bench storage.

You may also still consider the following question for you to decide whether you should install an underbench dishwasher:

1. Is it affordable and convenient?
2. Can it efficiently wash my dishes?
3. Can I use it as temporary storage for my clean dishes?
4. Can I install it under my countertop?

If you answer those questions, yes, an underbench dishwasher is the best dishwasher for you. Like most commercial dishwasher types, they are convenient and easy to use. Also, it does not take up too much space. And at Rhima, we offer VU-50 underbench dishwasher—the workhorse of Rhima’s range.

VU-50 is compact and features a double-walled door which enables less heat to escape. Its double-walled door also ensures that the machine’s door is not hot to touch, preventing burn accidents.

Service Support: Maintenance Packages Offered

Professional Rhima technicians who are experienced will always be on the go to provide preventative maintenance and HACCP testing that guarantees that your benchtop and underbench washer machine complies with the required standards and pass all applicable safety and health regulations.
Different preventative maintenance and HACCP testing services are available, including temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs, and total machine maintenance.
Rhima’s certified technicians will provide you with service and maintenance for your dishwasher at its top performance which will help reduce the risk of a malfunction and other likely expensive failures. Listed below are some of the benefits of Rhima preventative maintenance:

  • You can conserve water and electricity cost
  • Saves on total maintenance costs
  • Use a small amount of detergent usage
  • It helps lengthen the lifespan of the equipment and prevents unexpected significant maintenance.
  • Provide insurance against unexpected major repairs
  • No unanticipated costs and stoppages are in the processes included


What type of dishwashers do restaurants use?

Most restaurants use Conveyor Dishwashers, Compact rack dishwashers, and Pass-through dishwashers available at Rhima.

What is the most reliable dishwasher?

Rhima is the most reliable dishwasher; from the quality and the standard, it passes it all.

How do I choose a dishwasher?

There are many things to consider when choosing a dishwasher, such as the cleaning, drying, and quiet performance, depending on your needs.