Microbiological Evaluation of

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A report on a microbiological study undertaken by the Centre for Infectious Diseases & Microbiology Laboratory Services, Institute of Clinical Pathology & Medical Research, Western Sydney Area Health Services, Westmead. The report aims to assess the Deko 190’s performance and determine whether or not the washer meets the criteria. This criteria takes into consideration the efficacy of disinfection, as well as the visible washing cleanliness performed by the Deko 190.

With the emergence of resistant micro-organisms amongst hospitals, it is necessary that equipment is cleaned to an acceptable standard to reduce the risk for health care workers. The Deko 190 ensures that reusable items are made safe through its disinfection process before further processing stages. The washer is simple to use by staff and allows for greater productivity within the workplace. It also is cost effective,

This is a thorough study of the cleaning efficacy of the Deko 190 washer disinfector. In addition, it outlines the exact calculations of the cleanliness of each soiled item once clean. The washer is capable of washing and disinfecting to a high standard, ensuring that items that go through the washer come out hygienic. This washer is ideal for facilities which require high infection control, such as prisons, aged care facilities, clinics and hospitals.

By Robert Chiew, Alistair McKenzie, Kathy Dempsey and David Mitchell.

Microbiological Evaluation of Deko 190 Washer