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A Commercial Glass Dishwasher Should Match Your Business Needs

Commercial glass washers are now in busy kitchens or bars, practically a mandatory requirement as manual washing is simply too time-consuming. Our Rhima products have strong water pressure, allowing you to see how useful and vital a bench glass washer or commercial dishwasher can be. They are designed to fit into compact environments and will not take up too much available space.

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How to Clean Glassware in a Rhima Glass Dishwasher

Getting the best results with a glass dishwasher requires a few extra steps. Here are some simple steps you can take to clean glassware in the dishwasher. If you have hard water, white distilled vinegar may be a good solution. This acid can loosen mineral deposits that can cause your glassware to look filmy.

The solution can be used by soaking your glassware in hot water with two cups of vinegar. After soaking the glassware in the solution, remove it before the cycle is finished. Doing so will remove the residue left by the vinegar and prevent a cloudy film from forming on the surface of the dishware.

A glass washer can accommodate many types of glasses. Depending on the capacity, it can handle narrow-necked glasses. Other features include automatic liquid soap dispensers and specialized racks for washing narrow-necked glasses.

If you are a restaurant owner, consider investing in a glass dishwasher. It will increase efficiency and save you time when busy times occur. There are many options to choose from. Just make sure that you do some research on which Rhima product is right for you or talk to our staff.

Hard water deposits on glassware can often be removed by adding more detergent to the wash cycle. For best results, you should use water that is 130 degrees Fahrenheit. You can also try using a vinegar test to check your water. Hard water deposits can make your glassware look dull and cloudy.

Using more detergent may remove these deposits, but be careful not to overdo it, as you might end up with a soap film. Rinse aids, which are available in liquid and solid forms, help to reduce spotting and etching. They work by breaking the bond between water and dishes and are typically added to each load of dishwashing.

These compartments can be combined with our 010G racks or heightening frames to make a rack that suits your needs. These compartments make glass racks that are suitable for glasses. They prevent glassware from being broken or damaged during washing cycles. These racks can also be customized to fit the height of your glasses.

These racks are made from polypropylene for long life and can be stackable. Rhima High Sparkle Dishwashers have a soft start. This means that water pressure is lower from the beginning. A standard rack will work just as well and prevent any breakages. These machines are useful in high-turnover environments like bars and nightclubs.

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