Why Should You Hire a Rental Washer for Your Business

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Rhima VH50 pass through washer

Keeping your work environment clean and safe is vital more than ever. Not only is it essential to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 but also to maintain good hygiene. Handwashing dishes and equipment simply no longer cuts it when it comes to maintaining high levels of hygiene. It also leaves employees exhausted, keeping them from doing their best and keeping them from other tasks. As a result, your business needs access to a high-quality rental washer and cleaning equipment. 

Commercial dishwashers are, undoubtedly, playing a more significant role in many industries, but most specifically in the food service industry. They can help businesses meet high standards of sanitation as well as ensure dishes, pots, and other hardware are spotlessly clean.

However, not all businesses can afford these high-quality commercial washers for their business. As a result, companies like Rhima now provide rental commercial machines. These reliable rental dishwashers allow you to ensure you clean to a high standard, without impacting your bottom line. Today, we are going to discuss why you should hire a rental washer for your business.

The Benefits of Choosing a Rental Washer

VU40 double rack rental machine

So why are more and more companies choosing to use rental equipment? Below, we are going to discuss the top 6 reasons our clients use Rhima rental dishwashers.

1: Access to Better Technology

By renting equipment, you always have access to the newest equipment on the market. Rather than waiting until you can afford to buy a better piece of equipment, you can add it to your inventory by renting and enjoying the benefits of new technology immediately. This saves time and money and helps your business operate more efficiently and gives a better, cleaner result than older equipment.

2: Flexible Upgrades

When you choose to rent dishwashers, it is easier to switch to different types of equipment when your needs change, or upgrade as you go. You don’t need to wait until your machine dies or try to find a second-hand buyer. All you need to do is trade in your existing rental machine for a newer model. This allows you to add a brand new machine to your business at any time, to increase your capacity.

3: Budget

Rhima rental VU50 underbench rental washer dishwasher

Unfortunately, many companies simply cannot afford to pay for a new piece of equipment outright. They might have to wait 3-6 months for a new machine – and by that point, it might already be out of date. This is where rental machines help. They allow you to stay on budget and get your equipment right away because the costs are spread out over the life of the machine. Renting is also predictable, meaning you have affordable payments coming out each month instead of one lump sum.

4: Growing a Business

By renting washers, you can spread your immediate funds across other investments. As a result, you are better able to grow your business by investing in company vehicles, branding, marketing, and even additional team members. Renting equipment gives you the extra funds and the flexibility to seize new opportunities for your business.

5: Tax Benefits

The best thing is, when renting a machine, it is considered an operating expense. However, when you purchase the equipment outright, it is considered a capital expense. As a result, renting comes with tax benefits – though you should always confirm this with your accountant.

6: Simplify Ongoing Costs

Monthly rental payments can also help simplify things by bundling the ongoing costs of your rental washer into one simple monthly payment.

How to Choose and Best Use Your Rental Washer

When it comes to choosing the right rental washer, the best way to do so is to match the equipment to your needs. Once you have chosen the company you want to rent from, analyse their range of rental machines to find the equipment that best matches the size and capacity of your kitchen. Under-bench rental washers, for example, are ideal for smaller restaurants, cafes, and bars while still providing the same sanitising and clean as a pass-through washer. A pass-through dishwasher, on the other hand, is ideal for those who need a higher capacity than an under-bench dishwasher can handle while maintaining HACCP guidelines.

Commercial rental washers are fast because they are designed to accommodate a wide range of different dishes and equipment. Space dishes apart for more efficient cleaning. Further, rental washers require less effort than hand washing as well as being faster and more efficient. We recommend leaving the door open after you have finished using the washer to allow the machine to air properly.

Explore some of our available rental washers and products below or discover our full range here!

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Partnering with Rhima Rentals

Companies like Rhima understand the need for hygiene and safety in modern businesses. As a result, they are committed to providing the essential commercial washers required to keep your equipment spotless and to the highest hygienic standards.

When renting a dishwasher, the company will provide you with a quick installation process, finding the perfect spot in the kitchen for your rental equipment. This saves you time and space, ensuring your staff can work faster and more comfortably. Companies like Rhima also provide training in the effective use of the rental washer, guiding you and your staff through the process. Further, they provide 24/7 customer service to answer your questions and dispatch technicians should there be issues with your equipment. Rhima also offers preventative maintenance for your equipment, to help minimise untimely repairs.

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