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The impact of Covid-19 in Hospitality

The impact of Covid-19 on businesses and restaurants particularly has been hugely devastating with many of them being forced to close down or divert to delivering food to customers. It has been at least more than a year since the pandemic struck and many restaurants are still trying to get back on their feet.

One of the most important realizations that came to everyone during this period, is how vital hygiene is and if it is neglected the consequences can be very dire. It is with this reason that many restaurants all over the world have priotised their client’s health by placing emphasis on ensuring that the business environment is hygienic enough by constantly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, measuring temperatures of clients before they enter the restaurant and encouraging them to sanitize their hands.

However, clients tend to interact with the dishes in a restaurant more than anything else and therefore it is not only necessary to ensure that these dishes are clean, but it is completely essential that they are well handled and sufficiently cleaned to remove any kind of dirt that could endanger the life of the client, in this case, infect them with Covid-19 which has serious health impacts.

With the aim of promoting hygiene in a business, restaurants have turned to the use of commercial dishwashers that guarantee intensive cleaning of dishes and glasses. People come into contact with these dishes and therefore if they are not cleaned properly the chances of transmitting a disease increases very much.

Commercial dishwashers not only do the dishes quickly, but with modified features like the capability to adjust the temperature levels ensures that the dishes are thoroughly cleaned, removing any tough stains like lipsticks from glasses and helps eliminates greasy surfaces that would otherwise prove difficult and tiresome for a human hand.

The importance of getting your business a commercial dishwasher cannot be emphasized enough at this period in time where health is delicate. These machines will play a major role in your restaurant in respect to combatting the hazardous virus.

There are many types of commercial dishwashers like the Conveyor Dishwasher, Rack Dishwasher, Underbench commercial dishwasher and the pass-through dishwasher. Each of them has specific features that make it distinguishable from the other but one thing remains constant, they are all efficient and quick with their cleaning.

Covid-19 and needing better washing solutions in business

Covid-19 has brought about the need to elevate our hygiene standards, this is because any sort of incompetence might cost someone their life, let alone the reputation of the restaurant because that might be fixed later, but the former is lost forever.

By now, you might be asking yourself how does a dishwasher help combat Covid-19 and there is an answer for that. Commercial dishwashers usually use high temperatures to wash dishes and this brings about the heat factor, that most viruses cannot survive under intense temperatures and the Coronavirus has been proved to be no exception by scientists.

The first thing to understand is the anatomy of a virus which has three components, the RNA, proteins, and lipids. The RNA is responsible for invading the healthy cells and controls how it functions and in the process it begins to replicate the viral RNA. The proteins helps the RNA to invade the cells and supplies the raw materials that assist in replication. While the lipid layer is known as a layer of fat that encompasses the whole thing, it is considered to be the most vulnerable part that allows the dishwasher to neutralize the virus.

In the dishwasher, soap and heat are the main weapons that help to combat the virus. Soap is composed of fatty substances identified as amphiphiles which are similar to the one that makes the lipid layer of a virus. Therefore, this makes it possible for the soap to compete with the bonds that hold the virus together and eventually dissolves the outer coating of the virus and as a result the virus collapses thus inactivating it.

Viruses survive under a certain range of temperature and if a certain amount is exceeded they are destroyed. This is where the heat factor comes in that indicate that high temperatures make it difficult for the virus to thrive in that environment. A study led by Boris Pastorino from the Emerging Viral Diseases Unit at Aix-Marseille University, in France has indicated that the coronavirus is vulnerable under high temperatures.

Commercial dishwashers operate faster and therefore enable you to efficiently serve your clients and this helps avoid overcrowding which could potentially lead to the spread of the virus. Additionally, by limiting human contact with the workers, the spread of transmissible diseases like Covid-19 is also limited.

Commercial dishwashers have offered a sufficient washing solution in the restaurant kitchen which proves to be beneficial for you as the business owner and your clients who will be more than glad to visit again in the future having built yourself a good reputation as a clean restaurant.

How having a commercial dishwasher in your restaurant helps with client experience

Besides impressing the department of health with the good hygiene in your business premises, remember that the individuals who make your business operational are your clients and therefore their needs should be carefully noted.

No-one would want to visit a restaurant that is infested with flies clearly indicating that something is wrong. By ensuring that you have clean surfaces and more importantly, sparkling dishes and glasses, you will attract many clients here since you will be showing how serious you have taken their health concern as this is a core subject at the moment and no chances should be taken.

As seen earlier, commercial dishwashers play a significant role in halting the spread of the coronavirus by utilizing the high temperatures and soap. The speed of these dishwashers save on time as well therefore limiting overcrowding in the business premises.

In order for you to achieve the objective of limiting the spread of the virus, you should know the proper temperature that is required to effectively sanitize.

National Sanitation Foundation(NSF) stated that 180 degrees fahrenheit (82 degrees celsius) as the standard temperature required to sanitize and meet sanitation regulations. This standard identified as NSF/ANSI 3 demands that commercial dishwashers should eliminate at least 99.999% of bacteria and other microorganisms.

Clients will also be served quickly when the dishwasher is available since they operate at a quick pace hence saving on time ad enhancing client satisfaction.

Benefits of Rhima dishwashers

At Rhima we ensure that our dishwashers achieve high standards that will make our equipment give an efficient and commendable performance. When purchasing from us, you will be comfortable to note that you are not getting just a dishwasher, but one that will not fail you in the future and will deliver as demanded by you.

Water usage is minimised compared to when you do regular hand washing that demands that you use more water and detergents and this feature will ensure that you save on both time and money. This will save the cost expenditure in your restaurant since you will not incur a lot of money on water bills. Workers may use a lot of water to wash a few dishes, but with a commercial dishwasher you will save plenty.

To ensure that our users get the best dishwashers in the market, we offer them continuity and reliability thanks to our local staff who understand the market well and therefore have become specialists, personal yet independent relationship with Europe that gives space for quick responses to emergencies and local properly trained and independent support.

Our priority at Rhima is to deliver a dishwasher that has extreme levels of efficiency accompanied by the latest technology which results in the lowest cost of ownership.

In the event you want to get regular maintenance, Rhima can schedule this for you on a contract basis. Additionally, we conduct safety, hygiene and temperature tests on a constant basis with the prime aim of ensuring that the machine you are using meets the ultimate standards.


Rhima offers one of the best industrial dishwashers like the Flight Type Dishwasher which are designed to deal effectively with heavy workloads. There are a number of flight type dishwashers available that range up to 10,000 plates per hour with a usable belt width of 710mm and usable height of 450mm.

They have a number of benefits like:

  • A range of diverse conveyor belts available which gives options for different sized items.
  • An autotimer which necessitates the rack conveyor motor and the electrical options to be turned off after a pre-set lapse time of inactivity.
  • Fitted with insulated doors which helps to maintain a constant temperature.
  • Wide inspection doors that give full access to the wash zone.


Deciding on which commercial dishwasher to use

When looking for a commercial dishwasher you are trying to find something that will be very efficient, affordable and fits in the kitchen space. All commercial dishwashers are designed to fit in particular areas, you can find a big or small one and decide on which one to pick based solely on the available space therefore you do not have to be worried about not finding a dishwasher as there is always one that will meet your requirements.

When deciding on which commercial dishwasher to use, you can consider the following factors:

  • Is it affordable?- If you have enough finances to purchase a particular dishwasher and still spend on other restaurant activities, then go for it. They range in prices depending on size and features, some have enhanced features like the ability to control the machine remotely.
  • Will it save on water and electricity effectively?-One of the primary objectives of purchasing a commercial dishwasher is to save on water and electricity, therefore you should keenly study this as you go ahead to purchase one so that you do not encounter losses later in the business.
  • Does it fit in the available space? Getting a large dishwasher will not be advisable if your kitchen space is small. But if you have a big space then you can get one, the most important thing is to ensure that any space left available is enough to carry out other activities like cooking.
  • Cost and maintenance factor- After purchasing your commercial dishwasher it is also necessary to keep in mind that you will incur some amount to maintain it. To ensure that you machine does not fail to function, investing in maintenance is necessary. Therefore put into consideration this type of expenditure.
  • Installation requirements- Most commercial dishwashers are complex and powerful and therefore will need an experienced electrician to carry out the installation for you.

Service support

Preventative Maintenance and HACCP testing: Temperature checks with a calibrated thermometer, residual protein swabs and full maintenance on the machine are some of the services offered here.

Rhima technicians will service and maintain your dishwasher at its highest performance level and reduce the risk of an expensive breakdown. Some of the benefits of Rhima preventative maintenance include:

  • You get to save on electricity costs
  • Savings on total maintenance costs
  • Savings on water
  • Low detergent usage
  • It prolongs the lifespan of the equipment
  • Offers insurance against unexpected major repairs
  • Unplanned costs and stoppages are eliminated



What type of dishwashers do restaurants use?

  • Commercial dishwashers like underbench and glass washers dishwasher.

Can you use a regular dishwasher in a restaurant?

  • No, commercial dishwashers are designed to meet the high demands in a restaurant.

How many dishwashers does a restaurant need?

  • A fully sized restaurant will need 2-3 dishwashers, one is enough for a small one.

Why are restaurant dishwashers so fast?

  • So that they can meet the high demands of clients by quickly washing dishes and having them ready for serving purposes.

How important is a dishwasher in a restaurant?

  • Very important, it saves on time, guarantees efficiency and promotes food safety.

Should you rinse dishes before putting them in a dishwasher?

  • It is not necessary, simply scrape off any food remains and the dishwasher will do the rest of the cleaning.

How long should a dishwasher last?

  • Average lifespan is said to be approximately 6-10 years.

What does decibel mean in a dishwasher?

  • Usually referred to as Db, is what the appliance manufacturer uses to gauge how loud something is

What dishwasher has the shortest wash cycle?

  • Dishwashers have an option to run a shorter cycle

What is the difference between commercial dishwasher and a home dishwasher?

  • Commercial dishwashers use more heat to do the cleaning compared to a home dishwasher ad they are also much faster.

What is the minimum required rinse temperature for dishwasher?

  • 82-88 degrees Celsius

What is high temperature on dishwasher?

  • This is a dishwasher that functions at over 150 degrees Fahrenheit (65 degrees Celsius)

How do I check the temperature of my dishwasher?

  • By using a candy thermometer, turn on a faucet nearby the dishwasher and insert the thermometer in the glass until the temperature stops rising.

How often would you replace your dishwasher?

  • Dishwashers can last for 10 years if well maintained, they are easy to repair as unusual functioning might be as a result of one or two parts failing to work properly.

How do I choose a dishwasher?

  • Choose one that fits your needs in terms of wash cycle, energy consumption and how much space will it take in your kitchen.