Benefits of a Rhima Pass Through Dishwasher

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Easy to Operate and we Offer Great Advice

When you purchase a Rhima pass through dishwasher or hoot type dishwasher we ensure our customers and their business needs are met. Repair and replacement costs and warranty related questions are easily answered by our team and if there is a more suitable product, we will recommend it.

Our Customers Benefit from a Wide Range of Quality Models

Restaurants are the real winners as our products really demonstrate how much work and time can be saved cleaning glassware in busy bars or high volume restaurants. There are so many industries that the Rhima company can help and we supply across Australia. The process to shop online is made easy with our website.

The Rhima Range of Pass Through Dishwashers

Pass through washers are an essential part of any busy kitchen. They are also known as commercial pass washers. These dishwashers are highly valuable, even in small kitchens. They can be worth several times the price of their purchase. They are engineered to be as efficient as possible and can help you in your business and kitchen. Our commercial dishwashers can clean many types of catering equipment. All dishwashers undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they are high quality. Our customer service is second to none so feel free to contact our team should you have any questions regarding the delivery, inspection or purchases/sale of our models.

The Rhima pass through dishwasher (formerly known as the HT-11) has the same washing power as the RU-50 under-bench commercial dishwasher, but with a larger capacity. This dishwasher comes with standard or custom-built benches, and is equipped with a hood-operated start/stop feature. Users simply push the handle down to begin the cycle and lift the handle to stop it. This dishwasher is ideal for busy households with multiple users.

When using the Rhima pass-through dishwasher, the water that flows through it is heated to remove any residue and dirt. Its wash chamber then contains heated water that is delivered through rinse arms and jets. The dirty water is pumped out of the machine several times during the wash cycle, leaving your dishes brightly clean. While the dishwasher is in use, you should follow our manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure that the wash process is as efficient as possible.

Passthrough Dishwasher

Benefits of Our Models

  • Hood-operated start/stop functions are operated by pushing the handle down. If you lift the handle up, it stops its cycle.
  • It is easy to use, with a soft touch panel that displays temperature and alarm errors
  • Thermostop is a safety device that ensures the machine has reached the right temperatures before it completes the cycle to meet HACCP guidelines.
  • The door safety switch is installed so that the machine can’t be opened during the cycle
  • The machine has a built-in rinse aid injector, which automatically doses the chemicals and injects them into the wash cycle.
  • It is easy to take out the filter and nozzles for cleaning
  • The RH-50 includes 4 scrap screens, which are similar to filters. These stop food and debris from going down the drain. This could lead to blockages.
  • The break tank system prevents the dirty water from getting back into the clean water.
  • Four pre-set cycles to 50/80/120, 180 seconds
  • Low water consumption (approximately 2.28 ltrs per year)
  • AISI304 Stainless Steel design

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