Industrial Dishwashers

Proven and tough industrial dishwashers from Rhima are the best answer for cleaning dishes in a large high volume kitchen. Assuming you’re searching for a quality well engineered dishwasher that follows through on speed and a smooth cleaning process, then look no further than Rhima’s assortment of industrial dishwashers.

Industrial Dishwashers

Rhima is a leading commercial dishwasher brand

With a much needed increased capacity limit and superior cleaning power compared to other dishwasher brands, our assortment of dishwashers are offered in a multitude of sizes, permitting you to find the best model to fit your space. Additionally, from bottle washers, and utensil washers, to the hood type dishwasher, and even flight type dishwashers you’ll find that there’s a Rhima industrial dishwasher that can meet your the needs of your commercial kitchen, so explore our whole range

Cleaning up is an unavoidable truth in any kitchen. Rhima can help with this daunting and never ending task that exists in every commercial kitchen. Our industrial dishwashers can be relied upon to keep up with the demands of the busiest kitchens and working environments.

Commercial dishwashers are needed in many differing environments

Rhima supplies industrial dishwashers for many different commercial environments. From bistros, cafés and bars to hospitals, childcare, schools, and even the aviation industry with our amazing flight type dishwashers. Utensils are often used in medical or scientific environments and utensil washers are highly specialised. The hood type dishwasher is great for saving spaces in compact working areas and it is no surprise that hood type dishwashers along with the equally popular counter dishwasher are always in demand.

Let’s not forget the importance of wash cycles and a waste management system

Rhima’s expertise isn’t restricted to one type of dishwasher. We have over the years developed a detailed understanding of wash cycles. Wash cycles play an important role in the cleaning process and let’s not forget the waste management system. Wash cycles, in particular models with short cycles, use less water and using less water today is something we all should work toward.

Storage of dishes is not a problem thanks to our roomy dishwasher racks while you stack in your next cycle. When it comes to the best commercial dishwashers and customer satisfaction, Rhima can be trusted.