Commercial Dishwashers

A cutting edge and sturdy commercial dishwasher from Rhima is the best answer to get through the task of cleaning large volumes of messy dishes in your kitchen. Assuming you’re searching for a reliable, durable and value for money dishwasher that follows through on speed and a smooth cleaning process, then look no further than Rhima’s scope of dishwashers.

commercial dishwashers

Modern Commercial Dishwasher Innovation

With a greater volume and cleaning power than standard dishwashers, our selection of commercial dishwashers is offered in an array of sizes, permitting you to find the best model to fit your work area. Furthermore, from bottle washers and glass washers to your normal under seat dishwasher, you’ll find that there’s a Rhima dishwasher that can provide a great clean that will save time.

Rhima over the years has developed expertise in the cleaning up cycle, including after service care and maintenance of hardware. Being user friendly, it is easy to  store your dishes on our dishwasher racks. Rhima can keep your dishes clean time and time again and they are built for longevity. 

Cleaning up is an unavoidable truth in any kitchen. At Rhima we pride ourselves on being able to help in the busiest environments. Our dishwashers can quickly keep your kitchen in perfect order, even after a long time of prolonged use. During everyday activities, a commercial dishwasher is continually being used. Putting resources into a quality dishwasher that quickly cleans huge amounts of dishes and kitchenware, and cleans them well, is an easy decision.

Modern Dishwasher Experts

Rhima supplies commercial dishwashers for bistros, cafés and bars to childcare focuses and schools, food foundations and diners where cleanliness and HACCP rules should be met.

Rhima is a trusted commercial dishwasher brand

So when it comes to the best commercial dishwashers your commercial kitchen will most defiantly benefit from Rhima’s counter dishwasher, hood type dishwasher or any specific application that meets your needs. Our understanding and experience working with businesses in the hospitality industry are second to none. Rhima leads the way when it comes to commercial dishwashers

Any busy establishment knows all too well the importance of keeping up with customer demand and our superior range of products is designed to meet these ongoing challenges. Our understanding of wash cycles ensures quality and an efficient job is performed every time.

View our range of hood type dishwashers

As mentioned Rhima has a superior range of commercial dishwashers ranging from very specialised utensil washers to the more commonly used hood type dishwasher models, each with its own wash cycles programming that focuses on their specific function so every commercial kitchen will benefit from our products. This ensures customer satisfaction is fully delivered.