Healesville Sanctuary

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My name is Becky, I am the venue manager for the catering and events here at the Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. I write to you to relay the positive experience my team and I have had through the recent five months with Georgia and her team at Rhima.


As the catering department for one of the Zoos Victoria properties we came to Georgia in desperate need of an efficient dishwasher. As you could imagine with 4000-5000 people attending our little park during the peak periods, old and clunky machines were no longer going to do the job. Georgia was with us the day following my phone enquiry, recommended the type of machine that would be fit for purpose and measured up with everything ordered, delivered, and installed seamlessly over the proceeding week. Now the machine is installed, Georgia checks in on us from time to time to make sure the machine is still working, the chemicals are fully stocked and there’s been no other issues.


The machine itself serves us extremely well, efficient water usage, it’s quick to get dishes through and so simple for all our staff members to be able to use. The instruction poster provided means that “training” was a simple as pointing to the piece of paper. The trouble shoot guide is again a useful reference and when all else fails Georgia always answers her phone! If you are looking to rent a dishwashing system, I would highly recommend renting with Rhima. Their level of customer service and support along with the quality of the machines they rent cannot be faulted.


All the best with the dishwasher search!