Thermal Validation Tests

Rhima’s new validation testing uses the most advanced data acquisition and reporting software available to validate the entire process of your Deko 190. No less than nine, 9, individually calibrated probes record the temperatures in various areas of the chamber ensuring an accurate image of the disinfection cycle. To ensure an accurate reading the probes are calibrated on site to allow for individual climate changes.

Rhima's new validation testing complies with ISO15883 suite of standards for washer disinfectors employing thermal disinfection.

Validation tests are performed together with our preventative maintenance. The Rhima validation test person is fully conversant on every model of the DEKO range and carries a preventative maintenance spare parts package. Minor repair work may be carried out during the validation inspection at no additional labour costs.

Rhima's validation and preventative maintenance contract also includes 25% off the list price of spare parts, no labour charges and many more additional benefits.

Some pages from the report are below.