Meercroft Devonport wins the Dirty War

Meercroft is a leading aged care facility in North Devonport situated on the cusp of the Bass Strait and Mersey River. Meercroft residents now have sparkling dinnerware that is cleaned and sanitized in Rhima’s AX-310 continuous rack washer.

Meercroft’s dishwasher was getting towards the end of its life and they approached Rhima seeking a solution for the washing of their dish racks. The AX-310 was the best option with a pre-wash tank, a wash tank, twin rinse and the capability of washing 150-190 racks per hour.

Rhima installed the AX-310 with bench work as this dishwasher was longer than the existing washer. The technical staff proved the necessary changes were minor and in two days the washer was up and running to be used by the many happy staff who were tired of hand washing for days. Rhima specialises in equipment washing environments where impeccable hygiene and cleanliness are vital.

AX-310 continuous rack washer in aged care facility.