Washers and Disinfectors for medical equipment

The Difference: Deko 190 Washer Disinfector & Bedpan Flusher Sanitiser

With bedpan washers the difference between the two machines is that a pan flusher sanitiser empties and sanitises a bed pan.

The Deko 190 flushes, washes with detergent, rinses and disinfects a bedpan with steam according to ISO 15883-3.

The Rhima Deko 190 is the only machine that washes like a dishwasher with hot soapy water and after a hot rinse, disinfects with steam. It not only disinfects the utensils but also the entire inside cabinet and piping system. No other flusher/sanitiser/disinfector has the cleaning efficacy of the Deko 190.