Complete infection control solutions

  • Hospital / Healthcare

    See our range of washers to ensure total infection control in your hospital...

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    Bedpan and medical Washer Disinfector
  • Aged Care

    Find the perfect washing solutions for your facility, from bedpans to kitchen utensils

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    Aged Care Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical

    Rhima pharmaceutical washers range from bench top to pass through, for smaller products. Rhima can custom build Pharmaceutical washing systems depending on your needs.

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    Pharmaceutical Washers
  • Dental

    Dental washer disinfectors and dental instrument washers bring outstanding cleaning and disinfecting to your dental practice.

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    Dental Washers and Disinfector
  • Veterinary

    Veterinary washer disinfectors and veterinary instrument washers bring reliability and outstanding cleaning and disinfecting to your practice.

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    Veterinary Washers & Disinfectors
  • Research

    Medical research washer disinfectors, Animal cage washers and Laboratory equipment washers. Rhima can supply either off the shelf washers or purpose built systems.

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    Medical Research Washers
  • Mortuaries

    The perfect machine that flushes, washes & disinfects.

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    Mortuary Washers
  • Thermal Validation & Maintenance

    Rhima's validation testing uses the most advanced data acquisition and reporting software available to validate the entire process of your washer disinfector.

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    Thermal Validation & Maintenance
  • Deko Range Washer-disinfectors

    Rhima's range of Deko washer-disinfectors

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    Deko range medical washers